Lets say you’re a bird and you need stripped legs.You don’t want to spend a lot of time making your skinny legs with fabric. So what the solution?  Couching.

Couching is a method of securing thick threads to the surface of fabric by lying a heavy thread down and stitching over it with a smaller, easier to handle thread. You can make shapely legs, outline a shape, create lines, or add heavy duty texture to your quilt tops all with this easy stitch.

Here’s how to add Couching to your quilt top: Using a Size 1 embroidery needle, bring a Size 3 pearl cotton thread to the top of the fabric where you want the line to begin. Then bring a needle threaded with a thin thread (Size 8 or Size 12) to the top of the fabric about 1/8″ from where the heavy thread emerges from the fabric. Lay the heavy thread flat on the fabric surface just to the right of the thin thread. Insert the thin thread needle on the other side of the heavy thread and draw the needle and thread through the fabric. The thin thread traps the heavy thread into place.

Repeat the directions above, forming a line with the heavy thread. When the shape or line is complete, re-insert the heavy thread needle back into the fabric and draw it through. Do the same for the thin thread and tie them both off.