Time to Stitch Poppy’s Posies

poppysposies2Time is a wonderful gift. And for the next few weeks, I have lots of time to play with fabric and thread. First on the agenda: complete the Poppy’s Posies quilt. Note the Blanket Stitch around the poppies with a Size 12 Red Hots thread. And the woven basket looks much neater with an Outline Stitch to trim out the edges. (Learn how to make these stitches here.)

poppysposies3More Blanket Stitches and a Pistil Stitch or three complete the poppies. And you can’t beat the Fern Stitch to create veins on the leaves. I guess that is what hand embroidery does for you. It helps define shapes, adds line to the piece, and brings it to life with texture. So happy my time is spent so wisely!

2 thoughts on “Time to Stitch Poppy’s Posies

  1. I am so Happy that you have a few weeks to play with your fabrics and threads.
    Merry Christmas (if you celebrate that) in case I get too busy to wish you a Happy Holiday!

  2. Oh how wise you are indeed…which must be different to wizened? she says, ducking for cover…

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