Thread-u-cation Thursday: Pistil Stitch

pistilstitch2Welcome to Thread-u-cation Thursday! Our featured embroidery stitch today is the Pistil Stitch. The Pistil Stitch is a close relative of the French Knot but has more flare, more excitement, more thrill. Here it is adding drama (or pistils) to the top of a purple flower.

pistilstitch3But why limit the exuberant Pistil Stitch to flower tops?  This house is much more interesting with a roof top of Pistil Stitches. Who lives there? What do they do for a living? Are there any rooms available for rent?

pistilstitch7Think of Pistil Stitches a punctuation marks that add hits of color to fabric shapes. Stitched with a Size 8 pearl cotton thread in the  Aquamarine colorway, this fabric is about to pop with texture made by Pistil Stitches.

Here are directions for making the  Pistil Stitch. Happy Thread-u-cation Day!