Thread-u-cation Thursday: Chain Stitch

chainstitch1Welcome to Thread-u-cation Thursday! Our featured embroidery stitch today is the Chain Stitch. The Chain Stitch is a linear looping stitch useful in so many ways.

chainstitch3Use the Chain Stitch to draw heavy lines on your fabric like the puffy clouds in this quilt.  This stitch easily depicts the sharp corners and soft curves of clouds. Here the loops in the chain are left rather loose so a peek of fabric appears in each loop adding texture.

chainstitchsample2Line the Chain Stitch up in parallel lines leaving a slight gap between lines to make row upon row of crops in a field. The Size 12 pearl cotton thread is worked on a silk fabric backed with batting. (Check out the Silk Stitch Along to see how to prepare the silk.) The thread colorway is called Lime Frappe. It’s variegation of color ranges from yellow to gold, green, turquoise, and blue adding movement and interest to the embroidery.

chainstitchsample1Place Chain Stitches right next to each other and you conceal the background fabric completely. It is an easy way to create shapes on fabric like the spiral of stitches that make the sun in this quilt. This thread colorway is called aptly called Sunflowers.

Why not add some Chain Stitches to your artwork today? Here are directions for making the Chain Stitch. Happy Thread-u-cation Day!



2 thoughts on “Thread-u-cation Thursday: Chain Stitch

  1. Chain stitch is one of those truly invaluable stitches, isn’t it. Easy to dismiss, as it’s one of the first we learn, but there is so much scope and there are so many variations, that it’s absolutely worth its place.

  2. I am just beginning to do hand stitch on many of pieces. Your work has inspired me to venture out and learn more stitches. I hope to see all your classes to learn new design options. Thanks for the fun you provide.

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