Thread-u-cation Thursday: A Spiky Chain

spikychain7Lately I’ve been exploring a variation on the Chain Stitch that I’d like to share with you. It’s sort of a chain with a little bite to it; a combination of the Chain Stitch and Blanket Stitch.

spikychain6It probably has a name (and please let me know if it does) but I’m calling it the Spiky Chain. It starts out with the straight line of a Chain Stitch then veers off the path and then returns to the path. Here are the directions for the Spiky Chain. Happy Thread-u-cation Day!

2 thoughts on “Thread-u-cation Thursday: A Spiky Chain

  1. I think it might be “Chained Blanket Stitch”. I’ve also seen “Spiked chain stitch”, but in that case , the straight stitches alternated sides of the chain stitch.

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