The CSOF Strikes Again!


Sprouts 2 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

Yes, the CSOF (Chicago School of Fusing) is at it once more! You’ll see the work of members Frieda Anderson, Ann Fahl, Jane Sassaman, Emily Parson, Robbi Eklow and our latest inductee, August Wasilowski, on display at the International Quilt Festival this week. The IQF is held at the Convention Center in Rosemont near O’Hare. So why not fly in for the day and visit us?


Sprouts 2 by Laura Wasilowski

As Dean of Corrections at the CSOF, you’ll also see a few of my pieces on exhibit too like Sprouts #2. As the song says: “I’m proud to be a fuser from Chicago. The school that makes cool to cut and fuse. When you become a wonder under user, your work has endless possibilities.”

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      • I looked at the whole Large quilt portfolio – Great work! really enjoyed myself! / Thanks for answering my question about the hand stitching between the machine quilting – unique idea and really adds interest and color!

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