Teach a Kid to Stitch

dishtowel Like many of you I began as a child. My mom taught me the basic hand stitches for that time honored craft of embroidery on dish towels. I took to it like a dancing tomato.

kidstitchingNow it’s time to teach our children (or grandchildren) to stitch. Hand embroidery is an art form that deals with color, texture, pattern, and the joy of making something by hand. Instead of a video game, give them a needle and thread.

handoffortunemaxSo here’s an idea. Trace your child’s hand onto cotton or silk fabric. Put it in a hoop or fuse it to batting for stability (this is how the Hand of Fortune embroidery is done). Basic stitches like the Running Stitch, Stem Stitches, and Cross Stitches are easy to learn. Older children can learn Lazy Daisy Stitches and French Knots.

That’s all you need to have fun. Teach a kid to stitch.

7 thoughts on “Teach a Kid to Stitch

  1. And it needn’t be only the girls who are taught. I’ve seen some of the embroideries made my soldiers during WWI. I think a lot of men would be great at needle arts if they just got over the attitude “That’s for girls:”

    • I agree. Boys need to learn stitching skills as well. That’s why my son has a sewing machine and my grandsons can take a stab at stitching anytime when they’re with me.

  2. I learned how to embroider so long ago that I don’t remember when, but I think stitching a design that had been stamped onto a pillowcase was one of the first things I did. We lived UP NORTH and it was something to keep me busy during the frozen winters! But when we moved DOWN SOUTH I kept stitching because I thought it was fun. Even now I have a project I’m working on.

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