Talking about Quilting


Libby’s Leaves (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

This is what I like about The Quilt Show: they care about people in the quilting community. If you follow their daily blog, you’ll see previews of the quilts made to raise money for Libby Lehman’s medical expenses. If you have moment, go to this link on The Quilt Show. You’ll see a video of me talking about my Inspired by Libby quilt.

4 thoughts on “Talking about Quilting

  1. I greatly enjoyed the your video of the quilt and I was able get a much better perspective of the quilt…it is lovely. The colors are vibrant and warm – almost seemed to glow. I could relate to the machine stitching…I just finished a little quilt where I used a machine blanket stitch to outline silk tulips and stems (Freida’s silk) and it was fairly easy to do. I also referred back to Libby’s “Name That Stitch” class on The Quilt Show to help me make neat corners. It has been fun to follow all the quilters and see the wonderful quilts being made for Libby. I look forward to the auction…

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