Close Stitching

prettyplanet16detail2It was a near miss. Machine quilting near hand embroidery is a challenge. It’s those dang French Knots and Pistil Stitches sticking up that catch on the machine foot.

prettyplanet16But I managed to complete Pretty Planet #16 without bad words being spoken. I must confess: machine quilting is not my favorite part of creating art work. Designing and hand stitching the pieces float my boat. But after finishing this little quilt, I realize that free-motion machine work really adds another layer of texture to the piece.

Design as You Go #2


Ironing some pre-fused fabric scraps for the App Quilt color palette.

Do you plan your quilt designs? Are you a sketcher, visualizer, or improviser? For my latest quilt challenge, a Personal App Quilt, I’m using the design as you go method. What’s design as you go? It’s a vague idea propelled by a color palette of fused fabrics.


The design begins by working directly with the fused fabric.

When you design as you go, you may have a vague vision of what the quilt will look like. But you must also embrace the possibility that the design will change as it is created. You make decisions about the design as it is constructed. You work directly with the fabric.

Free wheeling as this may sound, this is also an invitational exhibit. So I have a few guidelines to follow when making the Personal App Quilt:

  • The quilt is to represent me and what I do. (This is the hard part.)
  • It must measure 36″ x 36″.
  • It must have rounded corners like a phone app.
  • It must be completed for the Road to California show this January.

Can you guess what I’m starting to make?