Stitching on Wool #1

pear1A long time ago I came across this lovely green vest made of boiled wool in a second hand shop. Wouldn’t I look adorable in that I thought. So I brought it home, washed it out, and fortunately……… it shrank. So I cut it up.


Embroidered Pear (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

This green vest became the foundation for several small embroideries and the focus of a new show on Quilting Arts TV (episode #1701) called Stitching, Two Ways. It also gave me a delightful way to use hand embroidery. And, I must admit, an new obsession with old wool coats made with boiled wool. 

Where have they been all my life!


My growing collection of dismantled wool coats.

For the next few days I’ll show you the evolution of my first design on wool, an Embroidered Pear. Please stay tuned.

23 thoughts on “Stitching on Wool #1

  1. It looks like you’ve found a new/old passion. Looking forward to QA #1701.

    Maggie from Seattle

  2. Please subscribe me to your mailing list! I’m intrigued by your work on wool.

    Liz Carney

  3. Please subscribe me to your mailing list. I love doing wool embroidery and I’m always happy to see and learn from other’s wonderful work.

  4. Just discovering wool embroidery. Looking forward to discovering through you. Thanks Janet Shew

  5. Love the colours of your gorgeous pear! Normally I do very little in wool but was referred to you by Mary Corbet andI would also like to follow the series . Please
    subscribe me to your mailing list.
    My grandmother always used to say , “Blue and green must never be seen” , and I ‘ve spent years proving her wrong!

  6. Love your site.I too buy wool clothing. I hope to make a crazy quilt. Please add me to your site. Thank you

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