Stitch Combinations and a Give-Away


Part of the fun of hand embroidery is to discover different ways of combining stitches. Stitch combinations create texture, pattern, and recognizable shapes.  An example of stitches combined to make shapes are the flowers in the Love at First Stitch design from Joyful Stitching.

loveatfirststitch2To make this row of sunny blooms you’ll need Lazy Daisies for flower petals and leaves, French Knots for flower centers, and Stem Stitches for flower stems.

loveatfirststitch5Around the edge of this same design, combine the Herringbone Stitch with French Knots to build pattern. And thread a heavy Size 3 thread under the tines of Blanket Stitches to make a bold texture outlining the heart shape. There a so many ways to join your favorite stitches. And it’s fun to invent new combinations. Give it a try!


And now the the Give-Away part. Leave a comment on my blog today and you may be the lucky winner of the felt fabrics used to make the Love at Stitch project. I’ll announce the winner next Thursday.

Read more about the projects in Joyful Stitching here.


37 thoughts on “Stitch Combinations and a Give-Away

  1. Thanks for sharing the combination stitches that make your art so vibrant.

  2. Så spændende – Jeg har aldrig syet med filtsto. Det er på min liste for fremtiden,

  3. Always something new to learn and experience in our creative lives. Your simple and uncomplicated style is refreshing.

  4. Your work is so inspiring. I have most of your books but have not acquired this one yet. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Laura – Love the new book!! I was at my local shop when I saw it…walked by and turned around…! The cover is great–catches the eye for sure and the projects inside are awesome!! Can’t wait to get started

  6. My daughter is a maker, but with kids and a full time job, a part time job, and her own business in the making, she doesn’t do much handwork for fun. She recently went to a craft evening with several other women and is embellishing a fabric piece for her soon to be seven year old. I sent her to your blog, and she was thrilled with your fabulous work!

  7. I am really enjoying your new book. And I gave one to my sister for Christmas also! The release date turned out perfectly.

  8. I love Joyful Stitching. It’s totally eye candy and makes me happy every time I browse through It!

  9. love the rainbow thread. Woud be great for stitching these designs and many others

  10. Picked up your book this weekend at my local quilt shop. Love the heart, and I intend it to be one of the earliest projects I tackle. Thanks for all the stitch and thread explanations.

  11. My book is on order! I can’t wait to start all these projects. Thanks for all the wonderful tips you give us.

  12. I love your work–joyful—we need more joy—Spread the joy!!! Stitch!!!!

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