Steam Before Stitching

steamsettingOne of the last steps in making a fused quilt is steaming the quilt top to batting. This sets the fabric shapes so the quilt top can be stitched by hand or machine. Always protect the fabric with a pressing cloth (available here) when steaming. Cause, as you know, irons are filthy things!


Arm Chair Gardener by Laura Wasilowski

This quilt, Arm Chair Gardener, is steam set and all the machine quilting is complete. Ready for an invitational exhibit called Journeys, it will travel Europe. Many of my “journeys” are experienced by reading a good book. So while this quilt tours Europe, I’ll be stuck at home reading a good travel book.

2 thoughts on “Steam Before Stitching

  1. I really like this pressing cloth – especially because I can see what I’m ironing. What a wonderful quilt (what size is it?) I’m sure it will be warmly received in all its travels! Being old in years, but relatively new to art quilting, I find it interesting how many quilters also have an affinity for a good book and a welcoming garden…maybe it’s part of our genetic make-up?

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