Silk Stitch Along #17: Finishing the Edges

silkgardenembroideryTime to finish this small embroidery and dream of making the next one. In the beginning you’ll remember that we fused the silk background fabric and ironed it to a smaller piece of batting leaving a 1″ boarder of fabric around the edge. We’ll wrap that edge to the back now, finishing the piece.


Here are the next stitching steps for the Silk Stitch Along:

  • Fold a corner back onto the batting at at a 90 degree angle. Fuse the corner into place with a hot iron.
  • Repeat this at each corner.silkstitchalong27
  • Fold each side onto the batting making a sharp corner. Fuse the sides down with a hot iron.silkstitchalong28
  • Cut a piece of felt to measure about 1/4″ smaller on each edge than the size of the piece.
  • Stitch the felt to the back of the piece with a Running Stitch.

The complete tutorial for the Silk Stitch Along is found on the Tutorials Page of this website.

I hope you enjoyed it!


11 thoughts on “Silk Stitch Along #17: Finishing the Edges

  1. Laura – This is so awesome! The orange stitches magnify the greens and blues and set the stage beautifully….I wish I could do this…I can make the stitches, but to create all this in your mind….wow.

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I was able to use it to finish up my project I started in your class at Sisters! I hope you keep it posted so I can refer to it in the future!

    • I’m glad you found the tutorial helpful Claudia. You can always find it here on my website under Tutorials.

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