Silk Stitch Along #16: Sky

silkstitchalong29It’s been a challenge trying to come up with an idea for stitching the sky in this Silk Stitch Along garden design. You don’t have to follow my plan, you can leave the sky free of stitching. But in my case, it felt right to add embroidery to the open areas of the sky.

Here are the next stitching steps for the Silk Stitch Along:

You can always access information on the Silk Stitch Along for later reference under the Tutorials Page of this website. Directions are added as the Stitch Along progresses. Here it is so far.



2 thoughts on “Silk Stitch Along #16: Sky

  1. I think you’ve struck a good balance between stitching and leaving unstitched – the lines of stitch create a slight “sunset” feel…

  2. I’ve fallen behind; I became stuck at the tree, afraid to start, trying to figure out how you got it so irregular looking. Yesterday I broke through the fear barrier and I finally started the tree and hope to get some narly bits in to look bark like.

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