Silk Stitch Along #15: Leaves and Buds

silkstitchalong24The gloomy days of winter persist here in Illinois. But soon sunshine and the blooming trees of Spring will appear. The next part of our Silk Stitch Along depicts the stunning days of Spring ahead by recreating fresh green leaves and cheerful flower buds in thread.

Here are the next stitching steps for the Silk Stitch Along:

  • Use a variegated color of size 12 pearl cotton thread and size 5 or 7 embroidery needle.
  • Stitch Lazy Daisy Stitches around the ends of the tree branches to make leaves.
  • Use that same thread and fill in the opening is each Lazy Daisy Stitch with a Straight Stitch.


You can always access information on the Silk Stitch Along for later reference under the Tutorials Page of this website. Directions are added as the Stitch Along progresses. Here it is so far.

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