Sharing Work: 2 Guest Artists

Bloomers quilt by Sharon

Bloomers quilt by Sharon

It’s always a privilege to share the beautiful art work of others on my blog. Especially if they were kind enough to take one of my classes. This quilt is by Sharon who participated in my workshop in Arkansas. She says that the quilt, ” …happily hangs in our kitchen now. ” She also mentioned that taking the class  “…really made me think differently about fusing.” Thank you, Sharon! My mission in life is to spread the word that fusing is fun. 


Exotically Pollinated by Karen

And speaking of fun, here you see a sweet quilt by Karen. She says she, “started this project in a class you taught in Green Bay, WI last year for the Evergreen Quilt Guild.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  The three flowers were something I pulled out of your scrap pile and I wove the basket in class.” The quilt will be in the upcoming Evergreen Art Show in Women Who Run With Scissors Exhibit. The theme of the show was “exotic pollinators“ but she turned it around to be “Exotically Pollinated”. Thank you, Karen! I love your sense of humor.

4 thoughts on “Sharing Work: 2 Guest Artists

  1. I would love to take an “in person” class from you. I took both of your Craftsy classes and really enjoyed them. I confess that I didn’t do all the projects- but with the current situation, perhaps I have time to revisit them.

    • I’d enjoy meeting you in person too, Gene. And thank you for taking my online Craftsy classes. That’s the neat thing about them, you can always go back and view them when ever you like. Maybe I’ll go back and review that cheese making class I signed up for!

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