Satin and Cross and Give-Away Winner

joyfulstitchingembroiderydiThere are 21 embroidery stitches illustrated in my new book, Joyful Stitching. I’ve found these to be the most useful stitches for free-form embroidery projects. Most are simple, easy stitches but I’ve added a few zingers to liven things up. With detailed step-by-step written directions and images showing how to make the stitches, you can’t go wrong.


Rare Songbird (detail) by Laura Wasilowski from Joyful Stitching

Lets say you are making a bird with very attractive legs. Then the Satin Stitch and the Cross-Stitch are a perfect combination. Put together, they make a lovely striped pattern that any bird would envy. Heck, I’d like to have striped legs like that! Here’s how to make the Satin Stitches and Cross-Stitches for your next bird leg adventure.

giveaway1And the lucky winners (I couldn’t resist giving away 2 sets of the blue wool and orange thread) for the Rare Songbird project are Janet of dragonflyquilts and Lesley G.   Congratulations! May your bird legs always be attractive.

7 thoughts on “Satin and Cross and Give-Away Winner

  1. My promise to myself is: 2018 is the year to finish the 4 (UFOs) of your designs, select a few more to complete the wall hanging I have started with 2 designs from the class I took at the Quilt Museum in Cedarburg, WI.
    The lovely stitched Apple would fit nicely into this wall hanging.
    Connie Aspinwall

  2. Artfabrik is too fun for its britches….or shall I say stitches. Seriously, this is the most creative site I subscribe to.

  3. I love your hand dyed threads and have been using them for years. Usually I purchase from you at shows because I enjoy fondling the threads and picking colours. One thing I like about your pearl cotton is the finish seems to be very smooth. It is one thread I never have to run thru my Thread Haven. Dyeing to meet you again soon. Chris

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