Sailing the Mid-Atlantic


Pretty Planet #11 by Laura Wasilowski

It looks like clear sailing to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton VA this February. I’ll be teaching several classes including Pretty Planet. In this class we make a small round quilt from fused fabrics that celebrates our lovely planet. (One of nine, I’m told.)


Pretty Planet #11 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

You are given some templates, but free cutting and improvisation are part of the class too. You decide on the shapes and story behind your quilt to make an original design. Hope you can join me in this class or any of the other classes I’ll be teaching at the Festival!

4 thoughts on “Sailing the Mid-Atlantic

  1. I love the boats almost better than the houses. Question: Do you use a fused or wrapped binding with the circular quilts

    • It’s a wrapped binding Janet. There is a round piece of Timtex behind the batting in this piece. The quilt is made on a piece of round batting (9″ diameter) and then hand stitched. The Timtex goes behind the batting after the hand work is finished and the edges of the top wrap around the quilt to the be fused onto the Timtex.

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