Pretty Planet News


Pretty Planet #2 by Laura Wasilowski

Today the film crew from The Quilt Show arrives to shoot a “segment” in my classroom at Sisters OR. That’s film talk for my friend Shelly asking me questions. And expecting intelligent answers after I’ve taught all day.


Put your scrim to your Timtex Pretty Planet people.

One thing I plan to talk about is my Pretty Planet Quilts workshop. We’ll discuss the mystery of scrim on batting, hand embroidery on fused quilts, and how to make your quilt round……like our planet!

Stay tuned to see when it will air on TQS and if I sound intelligent.


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One more thing. If you’d like to make your own Pretty Planet quilt, please join my class at Quiltfest Palm Springs October 9. If you sign up for any of my classes at Quiltfest, you’ll get a free copy of my pattern and DVD Leaves in a Whirl. It’s like getting 2 classes for the price of one!