Planting a Few Seeds


Watering Can by Laura Wasilowski

Many years ago I planted a few morning glory seeds in the garden. They seemed the perfect flower to cover an old fence post. But little did I know how quickly this vivid blue flower with lush green vines could take over a garden.

morningglorychair2I still love the morning glories and look forward to their blooms each year. They are a constant source of inspiration for my quilts too. But they are getting the better of me and the garden this year. It’s amazing what can happen when you plant just a few seeds.

6 thoughts on “Planting a Few Seeds

  1. I love morning glories but they are prolific. I planted some 16 years ago in my backyard but eventually had to (try) to remove them when they started taking over 2 of my neighbor’s yards. I still have a patch that comes up every year along one fence. I also like 4 o’clocks.

  2. yours look lovely, my neighbour is sharing his with me but they never bloom, just run riot over MY garden along with his brambles.

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