Pistil Stitch and Give-Away Winner

fernstitch1You ask, the Pistil Stitch, that’s only for making flower pistils, right? Of course not! In the world of hand embroidery, stitches are free to do what ever you like. Here you see a favorite stitch combination: the Fern Stitch and the Pistil Stitch happily creating lots of thready texture in the Hand of Fortune project from Joyful Stitching.

handoffortune2But wait! Isn’t the Fern Stitch for making climbing vines, veins on leaves, and other plant forms? Again, stitches don’t have to be representative of any specific shape. You can use them to create pattern, line, and texture. Embroidery is a way to mark the fabric, like a pen drawn on paper. 


Winner Announced!

And the lucky winner lucky winner of a pre-printed hand shape used to make the Hand of Fortune project is Nancy N.

Congratulations! I’ll contact you soon.

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