Paint Brush Stitch Along

brush16Ready for another Stitch Along? Using techniques from my new book Joyful StitchingI’ll show you step-by-step how to make this lively paint brush. It only uses 7 hand embroidery stitches and there is a pattern ready for you to print and trace.


There is also a Stitch Kit available for the Paint Brush Stitch Along. You can select one or all of the items to make the brush:  the wool background fabric, hand dyed threads, and embroidery needles.


Click here to begin your Paint Brush Stitch Along. If you can’t join the Stitch Along today, you can always find it and other Stitch Alongs here under Tutorials.

15 thoughts on “Paint Brush Stitch Along

  1. Love all the swirls. I have trouble with smooth swirls. Perhaps I should draw them on background first.

  2. I absolutely love these projects. You do know, you will be held responsible for me starting another project. ????These are so hard to resist. Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance of winning a copy of your new book.

  3. This will be fun! I’m not able to do it right away (too much on already) but I need to do it eventually, if for no other reason that to remind myself that I have a bedroom wall to paint this summer! Thanks for the inspiration!

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