Felt Like Gardening

feltlikegardeningFelt Like Gardening

A garden of felt flowers and hand-stitched petals and leaves.

Felt Like Gardening is a fused art quilt measuring 11.5″ wide by 12.5″ high. It is hand embroidered and machine quilted. There is a simple loop on the back for hanging on the wall.

Price(USD): $150.00

Quilt Chops #3

silkredo3You may have noticed that the colors in this silk quilt are not of my usual palette. Maybe that’s why I never felt satisfied with it. Never really finished it.

silkredo2But now that my 24 year old quilt is chopped into 4 different pieces (and I’m more mature) I see things differently. Using more of my hand-dyed and fused silks, each panel is re-designed. This panel appears to be 3 trees on some land formation in a strange country.

silkredo1And here we have a single tree also of silk added to a panel. The hand stitching dates from 10 years ago and the machine work is even older. Do you find the bind distracting? Me too. Think I’ll chop that off too before I add any more hand or machine work.

Quilt Chops #2

silkredo4At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to chop up this small quilt (made in 1990). When you spend a lot of time machine stitching, hand stitching and binding a quilt, it’s hard to cut it up. But with a diabolical giggle, I whacked it apart.

silkredo5I whacked it into 4 pieces through the stitching, binding, and hanging sleeve. Now the challenge is to make those pieces into something I can put my heart into. Wish me luck!

Quilt Chops #1

silkredo3Do you have a quilt that sits on the shelf never seeing the light of day? Have you tried to resuscitate it with hand stitching? Do you have the nerve to chop it up?

Here you see a quilt I made in 1990 from silk. Machine stitched and bound, I later decided to add hand stitchery to liven it up. Then I lost interest. In the next few days I’ll show you how this quilt was transformed into 4 smaller quilts. Let’s just say, you have to have the chops to do this.

Prepping for Paducah

paducahvendorPrepping for quilt week in Paducah, KY is always a thrill……if you’re a maniac! (You’ll find this maniac in the Artfabrik booth #1224 in the Convention Center.) Part of my preparation is sadly, dyeing.


My sophisticated thread drying system.

For the past week I’ve dyed thread every day. And boy are my fingertips blue! But all the colors are in stock and ready to label for the big AQS Show in Paducah. Hope to see you there, you maniac you!

Framing Your Art

framedartHave you thought of framing your quilts? Here is a view of 2 of my Poppy Quilts placed in frames behind glass. (Also, this is not my house, much too neat.)

framedart2Here are some tips for framing your art work:

  • Attach the quilt to the mat by stitching through the mat and quilt at each corner of the piece to hold the quilt in place. It’s easy to bury the stitches in your quilt if you use a similar color thread.
  • Use a deep frame so the glass does not touch the surface of the artwork. This protects the artwork from humidity and mold.
  • Seal the back of the frame with heavy paper so insects can’t creep inside and take up residence.
  • Do not place your artwork in direct sunlight. Sun is really hard on textiles.