Playing with Left Overs

heart21At my house you never discard a fused scrap of fabric. I am a frugal fuser. So when this heart quilt was complete, I made sure to save the left over fabrics used from the center of the flowers.

woventree1Remember how those flowers centers were made? By weaving bias strips together and fusing them into a collage.  I’ll show you what I did with the left overs in the next few days. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

A Simple Quilt #4

silkflowers5One of my favorite stitches on my BERNINA 750 QE is #720, a blanket stitch. This stitch adds a decorative edge to the blue fabric on the little flower quilt. And is another way to finish the design neatly.


Betty’s Bloomers #26 by Laura Wasilowski

Here it is all finished and ready to display. It’s a simple design but made with hand-dyed silks, hand-dyed threads, and love. The quilt is called Betty’s Bloomers #26. It measures 8″ x 10″ and has gone to a good home in Florida.

A Simple Quilt #3

silkflowers4After the edges of the gold border fabric are wrapped around a wool batting and Timtex, the border is machine quilted. Can you see how the rim around the blue fabric traps the additional batting behind the stitched center? Now that center design puffs out even more from the bed of the quilt. Not what to call this method of quilt assemblage but I like the results.

A Simple Quilt #2

silkflowers3The small silk flower design is centered onto a larger piece of hand-dyed gold silk. There’s a little bit of fusible web around the outside edges of the blue fabric so when its fused onto the gold it seals the edges. Remember there is batting behind the blue fabric? More batting will be added to the gold so the center of the design will be elevated off the gold even more. Sort of a double stuffed design, if you like.

A Simple Quilt #1

silkflowers1Sometimes simple is best. As you can see in this small quilt, there are few fabric shapes making up the design…. just 8 long triangles and 3 orange dots.This design relies upon the stitching. Stitchery adds texture, line, pattern, and helps define the shapes. It’s the stitches that convert those dots into flowers and make those long triangles leaves.

silkflowers2It’s made of silk fabrics fused to cotton batting so the hand stitching is easy to do. I’ve trimmed the blue background fabric to within 1/4″ of the batting. There’s fusible web on that blue fabric edge so my next step is to fuse it to another background. You’ll see my choice tomorrow.

Do You Know this Flower?

flowerOK2During my recent trip to Oklahoma, I came across this flower. It is very unusual and quite fancy!

flowerOKI think I have an idea of what it is. But if you know for sure, please let me know. I love those purple, squiggly parts!