All Together Now


All Together Now by Laura Wasilowski

It’s been a few years but I’m now reunited with my quilt, All Together Now. This 20″ x 20″ piece was part of a traveling exhibition with a theme based upon song titles from the Beatles. I hope you were able to see the exhibit. The many wonderful quilts in the show brought back fond memories of their music.

All Together Now (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

All Together Now (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

Upon seeing the quilt after so long, I sighed and thought, “I missed you little quilt. Welcome home!” It’s easy to forget artwork once it’s out the door. But, like an old friend, they fit easily into your life and provide happy memories.

First Step: Make a List


Tablet designed by Valori Wells.

Sadly, the 2 little rascals I was babysitting have left the building. So it’s back to work for me. And the first thing on my list of things to do is to make a list of things to do. List making is a favorite task of mine! It makes me feel organized and oddly in control of my life. Ha!

This lovely tablet, designed by Valori Wells, makes list making even more fun. Are you a list maker too? What kind do you make? I could use a few list making tips.

Just Can’t Get Anything Done


It’s the dog days of summer and I just can’t get anything done. Maybe it’s the ┬áheat or the humidity or …’s an idea….. babysitting two young rascals who are quite charming but need lots of attention.

My productivity level is at an all time low. About all I can get done is twisting and labeling thread. (Thread that was dyed well over a month ago.) Do you every find yourself with zero ambition? Is it a bad thing?

Art by the Latest Graduates

westdesmoinesguildMeet the latest graduating class from the Chicago School of Fusing. It was a treat to visit with the West Des Moines Quilters last week and watch these fearless artists create fun art work. Note how each design is unique to the maker. Their Tiny Homes quilts deserve a round of applause!

Another Nut House Success!


Linda and me at the Tennessee Quilts Symposium.

Meet The Instigator, Linda Crouch McCreadie. In January, she asked that I teach a new class at her Tennessee Quilts symposium in July. Her inspired suggestion: call it Another Nut House.


Nut House by Laura Wasilowski

Linda had just seen this quilt on my blog. And it seemed to fit right in with her plans for the symposium. So I accepted the challenge and threw myself into preparation for the nut house……. class.


Student work from the Another Nut House class.

And I’m glad I did. Turns out my students were experts at designing nut houses. Who knew?


More student work from the Another Nut House class.

Thank you Linda for suggesting this new class. It was really exciting to see how inventive and fearless my students were when it came time to make original compositions. Don’t you love what they made?

A Beautiful Design: Guest Artist


Jane’s zen doodle quilt.

A more challenging one-day class I teach is called Zen Doodle Quilts. In this class, students make sketches and then convert them into patterns for a fused art quilt. Everyone makes their own design and works hard in picking colors and developing the composition as they go.

Here is a good example of a successful Zen Doodle Quilt made by Jane. The placement of color and design elements are balanced and pleasing. See how her hand and machine quilting really enhance the quilt? Isn’t it delightful?