What is That Gunk?

irongunkIs it just me or is there a lot of gunk building up on irons lately? This particular iron seems to really attract dirt. There is no fusible web on the iron or ironing surface but when I clean the iron this is what turns up. To clean the iron, it’s scraped across a dryer sheet (unused) placed between 2 pieces of fabric. The oil from the dryer sheet seeps into the fabric and wipes off the gunk.

irongunk2But just what is that stuff left on the fabric? I think its the metallic covering from the ironing board. Bits of the metal cling to the hot iron and gunk it up. What do you think?

Sharing Your Work with Others

nancyEvery once in a while a student from a previous class shows me their completed work. This makes me so happy! Nancy brought these pieces to the Quilter’s Affair where I was teaching last week. She was in the Four Little Landscapes class last year and shared her work with my class. She did a great job!

elizabethElizabeth also stopped by my classroom to show me her work. This is her quilt from last year’s Tiny Homes class. The hand embroidery is really outstanding on this piece.

The creative spirit runs deep with quilt makers. And I’m delighted when you share your work with me. Thank you!

Where to Go Next Year

sistersorLast week I taught at one of my favorite venues, Quilters Affair in Sister, OR. The mountainous area is beautiful, the people are fun, and the whole town turns out to hang quilts on their doorsteps. Here you see the side of the Stitchin Post quilt shop.

jeanandjuneThis fantastic quilt retreat and show was started by Jean Wells. It’s a week full of quilts, friendship, and discovery. Here you see Jean with her lovely sister, June Jaeger, also a quiltmaker and instructor at Quilters Affair. Hope you can visit Sisters next year. I know I’ll be there!

How to Stitch Your Bird #6

bird3oDo you see what I see? The little bird quilt is almost complete! Just a few more Fern Stitches on the tree line and the small quilt can be assembled to the backing and machine quilted.


Birdland #13 by Laura Wasilowski

My favorite part of Birdland #13 (aside from the swift little bird) is the water fabric. It is a piece of fabric I printed long ago and kept hidden in a back alley of my studio. Who knew it would finally have a purpose? That’s why we keep a fabric stash, you never know when you might need just that perfect fabric. Thanks for joining me for our little bird’s travels!

How to Stitch Your Bird #5

bird3lThe focal point of my quilt (the bird) is completely stitched so its time to move on to the next most important element in the design, the birdhouses. And like any good stitcher, thread colors are chosen to outline shapes separating  them from the background and to repeat fabric colors used in the design.

bird3nI’m not a bird but I can see living in one of these houses. (Must be the French Knots around the doorway.) How about you? Care to move in?

How to Stitch Your Bird #4

bird3kYou have to admit it, the French Knot is one of the best embroidery stitches around.That hit of knotty thread sits on the surface of the fabric like a little bead. To complete the stitchery on the wings, I’ve added lots of French Knots plus some Straight Stitches to make fine lines. (That’s a Lime Frappe thread in Size 12.) Running Stitches in the Oranges colorway repeat the orange of the beak and outline stitches around the body. Moving on to other quilt parts tomorrow!