Frankenquilt Stitchery

threetrees3My Frankenquilt (made from unrelated parts to make a whole) features a cocktail of stitchery ideas. Mix one part hand embroidery with two parts decorative stitching from my BERNINA 750 QE and……voila! It’s a tasty little party quilt!

threetrees4To make it even more festive, add French Knots too. (Is it just me or do those French Knots look like ball fringe?)

It’s Alive!!!!

threetrees1This quilt is an experiment. Like Frankenstein, the quilt is assembled from unrelated, yet peculiar, parts. That’s why it is called a Frankenquilt!

threetrees2A Frankenquilt is made with fabric shapes discarded when creating finished quilt designs. The Frankenquilt shapes wait hopefully in my basement studio, praying to be part of a new pretty quilt that they can call their own. And sadly, they are often forgotten.

But, in the spirit of the season, I have gathered all these sad, neglected shapes and made them into a composition. Let’s hear it for the Frankenquilt!

Bobbin Work Anyone?


Bobbin work by my friend, Laura. Top is through the bobbin tension. Below is by-passing the tension.

My friend, Laura, sent me this wonderful example of bobbin work using my Size 5 thread. Isn’t it fun? In bobbin work you wind a heavier thread on your bobbin and stitch with the top of your fabric facing down. In some sewing machines you can use a special bobbin case or by-pass the tension in a regular bobbin case.


More bobbin work by Laura O.

She also made this frame for a mirror using bobbin work. I am amazed at her skill and ingenuity. Thank you Laura for these stunning examples! You can see more ways to use the threads here.

Back in the Studio!


Playing in the studio!

It feels so good to be back in the studio again! True, it is a total mess. But I know you can relate to the familiarity of a messy studio. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to be surrounded by your own chaos?


Housing Dept. #28 by Laura Wasilowski

Next up on the schedule: making a set of small quilts for new classes I’ll be teaching next year. But first lets play! This small quilt was completed recently. It reminds me of how fortunate I am to return home to my studio…..messy or not.

On My High Horse


Trojan House #1 by Laura Wasilowski

Today I am getting on my high horse and traveling to the BERNINA Creative Center in Aurora, IL. Why?

bernina9Why to learn all about my new best friend, my soul mate, my reason for living, my favorite sewing machine! (OK, so I like the machine.) Can’t wait to see what’s new with BERNINA. I’ll tell you all about it later.