Tasty Batting

battingholeAs Jeannet can attest, this is some mighty tasty batting. How does she know? Because her dog ate it. Yes, the dog ate her batting. And I can understand the appeal.

This is one of my favorite batts to work work with: Hobbs Premium Heirloom 80/20. It’s ideal for fused and hand embroidered art quilts. Although, I don’t recommend it for dogs.

International Quilting Weekend Kick-off!

TQSLogoNewAre you fans of famous quilters, Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims? Then you know all about The Quilt Show, the web TV show that they host. This weekend, March 20 – 22,  they are celebrating International Quilting Weekend by opening all of their shows from the first nine series– shows 100-1513.

This means that, for three special days, everyone will have the chance to view over 200 episodes of The Quilt Show, featuring some of the quilting world’s leading artists, for FREE. (Sometimes I just watch cause I’m lonely in the studio.)


Ricky and Alex at their best.

And there are prizes!!!! This year’s sponsors are contributing over $5000 in prizes, including the Grand Prize, a BERNINA 550 QE. (Love my BERNINA!) Other prizes you have a chance to win are:

  • Innova – Have your quilt professionally quilted ($500 value)
  • Superior Threads – five $100 gift certificates
  • RJR Fabrics – a Delicious Selection of RJR Fabrics
  • AccuQuilt – GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter
  • Missouri Star Quilt Company –  $500 in Quilter’s Cash plus signed copies of Volume 1 of Block Magazine and Man Sewing Swag

And, as long as you’re looking for something fun to watch on The Quilt Show, check out my episodes #303 and #1009. Yes, I have episodes. They are free as are so many other terrific shows.

A Gift for You and a Winner!

sfq1I’m happy to announce that we have a winner of the free membership in my Craftsy Class, Sketch It, Fuse It, Quilt It. The lucky person is Lyn and I’ve just emailed her the results. Hope she is dancing for joy now.

And I hope you’ll dance for joy too. In appreciation for all your support during my preparation and filming of the class I’d like to give you $20 off the class. Just click this link and it’s yours. Thank you!

Texans are Terrific!


Quilters of the Rio Grande Valley guild.

The Rio Grande Valley Quilters sure know how to show a gal a good time. My trip to visit them in the southern tip of Texas was terrific!


More class members from the Rio Grande Valley gulid.

There were so many in the Four Little Landscapes class, that we had to run it 2 days in a row. That meant I got to meet many talented Texan quilters or “Winter” Texan Quilters (those that wisely travel south for the winter.)  And eat at the local BBQ place too.


Didn’t they do a great job? Let’s hear it for the Rio Grande Valley!

Thank you lovely quilters of the Rio Grande Valley! Hope to see you all you Winter Texans up north at the AQS Show in Paducah, the Denver National Quilt Festival,, or the Quilter’s Affair, in Sisters OR show.

Braiding with Fused Fabrics


Kay’s Bouquets #10 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

Soon I travel to lovely Quiltfest Savannah to teach Woven Flower Basket Quilts. Hope to see you there! One of the skills my students will test out is is how to braid fused fabrics like those in the basket handle above.


Braiding fused fabric strips.

For those of you at home, here are some basic directions. Please note that this is my first time teaching this class so if you have any ideas on refining the directions, please let me know.

To braid fused fabrics:

  • Cut 3 fused fabrics (or any odd number of strips) on the bias. Bias strips bend easily and don’t fray.
  • Cut the bias strips about 1/8″ to 1/4″ wide and at least twice the length you need (although you can add on to the strips as you fuse).
  • Line the strips up and fuse-tack the ends of the strips with an iron onto release paper or a Teflon sheet.
  • Braid or weave a strip across from one side to the other. Don’t pull the strip too tight or you’ll pop the glue off or make a fold in the strip.
  • Fuse-tack just up to that strip.
  • Weave a strip across in the opposite direction. Fuse-tack just up to that strip.
  • When the braid to finished you can fuse it onto your basket for a handle. It will gently curve for you because the strips are cut on the bias.

Good luck and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Free Motion: Snails on Fire!


Snails on Fire! A free-motion stitch pattern for connoisseurs  of fine quilting.

Disclaimer: no snails were hurt in the stitching of this quilt.

This festive free-motion stitch called Snails on Fire! is for all those wide open spaces on your quilts, like the borders, the sky, and Montana. (You’ll see it on the orange border fabric here.) Snails on Fire! starts with a spiral snail-like shape which is then set on fire with sharp points. (Also known in fine restaurants as Escargot Flambe.)

Sadly, today is your last chance to enter to win a membership in my new Craftsy class, Sketch It, Fuse it, Quilt It. Sign up here for the class give-away and learn all about it!