Cactus Values

cactusonsilk9Notice how those foreground plants in my silk landscape embroidery are really jumping out? I used a Size 12 pearl cotton in the Evening Greens colorway to fill in the areas around the leaves. The dark value of the thread is in high contrast with the lighter value plants.

The next step is to come up with a stitch idea for the distant mountains. I have something in mind but need to test it out first. If I don’t like the stitches, I’ll just remove them!


Cactus Revived

cactusonsilk7Soon I’ll be teaching a new class called Free Stitched Embroidery Landscapes in Sisters, Oregon. I’ve taken a break from making this desert landscape stitched on silk. Well, I’m calling it a break but really I was distracted by other stitch projects.

cactusonsilk8Stepping away form this free-form embroidery for a while also allowed me to see it in a different light and conjure up a different vision of the design. Now that I’ve outlined the plants in the foreground, I can move on to more stitch ideas.

A View of My Garden

poppyflowerIsn’t this spectacular? This year my poppies are big and flush with color. Must be all that rain and my diligent weeding. (Ha! Me weeding the garden? I amuse myself.)


Princess Louise Poppies by Laura Wasilowski

Here is my tribute to the lovely poppies in my garden. These need no weeding at all. That’s my kind of poppy!

Pine Island Embroidery #2

alaskapines3Here’s the problem with making art: you have to make all these darn decisions all the time! In making this little embroidery of an island of pine trees in Alaska my decisions seem endless. What color thread? What size? What stitch? It’s enough to cause a phobia of needles and thread. But we must remind ourselves that the intrepid stitcher has no fear. And so, I bravely take a stab at it.

Guest Artist with Style!


Art by Jacquelyn.

Isn’t this a lovely piece? It is by Jacquelyn who mentioned that she was inspired by my class called Creating Graphic Imagery. She says: Laura, I was inspired by your woodcut quilt pieces to make this floral for our guild challenge. The rules where, either black or white, with 3 analogous colours.

Jacquelyn is also a hand dyer and dyed the gorgeous fabrics for this piece. Did you notice the hand stitching too? Thank you, Jacquelyn, for making such a beautiful design and sharing it with us!