Piecing Urban Textures Fabric #2


I wonder how important accuracy is in piecing? Should I be concerned if the points don’t match? As I recall (in my pre-fusing days) accuracy in piecing was never one of my strong points. I shall have to rely on the poor eyesight of those at the Andover booth at the International Quilt Market in Houston where this quilt will be on display.


And speaking of bad vision. I was unable to visualize how this quilt will look when I cut out the shapes. So it’s fun to see it take shape. Can you do that? Visualize the final quilt?

Piecing with Urban Textures Fabric #1


My Graffiti fabric from SAQA Urban Textures combined with Andover’s Dimples fabric.  

All the fabric is cut to size for my SAQA Urban Textures quilt and the piecing has begun. Now I remember why I liked sewing when I was a kid. Watching the fabric feed through the machine while piecing is mesmerizing!


Are these strip-sets? Please, I need a little help with terminology.

You may not know this, but I have a short little attention span. So I have to read and re-read the pattern directions multiple times to make sure I cut and piece correctly. As I understand it, these strip-sets (is that the right word?) will now be cut into 2.5″ rectangles. Wait! Let me go read the directions again.

You Don’t See This Very Often


Fabrics for the quilt include 2 other designs on the left from Andover Fabrics.

It has been a loooooooong time since I’ve made a pieced quilt. I admit that fusing is my favorite way of creating art work. But when the SAQA Urban Textures fabric from Andover arrived in the mail, I took up the challenge: I would make a pieced quilt.

Scary, huh?


My BERNINA 750 QE knows how to sew a 1/4″ seam better than I do!

The first task was to find a very simple pattern with very explicit directions. Thus the Cotton Tales Baby Blue pattern became my guide to the world of pieced quilts. (Thank you eQuilter for providing free patterns to those of us who can not make up our own!) Take a look at the pattern and see if you can imagine it in the blue and gold fabric. Over the next few days I’ll show you my progress…. or lack thereof.

Sneak Peek of a New Quilt: Off to the Show!


Penelope’s Poppies by Laura Wasilowski

My new silk quilt, Penelope’s Poppies, is all quilted up and ready to go. Like many of you, I was intimidated by working in silk. Why? Because it’s expensive! But then I thought, when you put so much time into making art work, why not use the best materials available?

Penelope’s Poppies (measuring 34″ x 48″) is on it’s way to Houston. You can see it on display at the International Quilt Festival beginning October 28 through November 1. I’ll be there too! Come see me in the Artfabrik booth #1739.