Not Far from the Tree


In an effort to clean up my studio (one more time, with feeling!), I unearthed another unfinished quilt. I don’t remember making this acorn quilt. And I have no idea how long it has been sitting on the “to be continued” shelf.


Nut House #2 (sans embroidery) by Laura Wasilowski

So I turned the acorn into a house. This is my second Nut House quilt so I must working on a series of nut houses. (This could explain why I forget things on shelves.) Hope to have my nut house embroidered soon. Wish me luck!

12 thoughts on “Not Far from the Tree

  1. Wow. Your work is beautiful and so must you be with all your fun and delightful ideas. You never seem to run out of happy ideas. I am assuming that the acorn was already fused to the background when you “discovered” the picture. How do you fuse down the additions (door, wi does, etc) without scorching the rest.

    Thanks and p,see keep doing what you do. Your quilts also make me happy to be alive.


    • Hi Fran. And thank you!
      You can always add more fused elements to a fused art quilt. Just tack the fabric into place and steam set it for 10 seconds and you’re done.
      When you work with fused fabrics you don’t want to apply too much heat for too long or you can burn the glue into the fabric and make it very stiff. Fabric that is over fused may fall off too.

  2. I think I will go with Heidi. I just love you Laura Wasilowski and your quilts and your dyed fabrics and threads and your humor and your “nuttiness” too! I also wish you luck with whatever you are embroidering!

  3. I have been collecting your books, fabric, fancy rotary cutters, patterns, fusible stuff and am ready to make a quilt. That is once I finish my Christmas sewing. Time is flying by.

    I love your patterns, colors and designs. So much fabric, so little time….

    When can I retire????

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