New Class: Idea!


Blue Ladder by Laura Wasilowski

Many moons ago when I was a young quilter, I made a series of artwork called “woodcut” quilts. Above you see an example of that style of quilt dating from 1998. Yes, 18 years ago, Blue Ladder was finished in my studio.

blueladderdetailaAnd 18 years later, I’m reviving this style of quilt and teaching it as a workshop called Creating Graphic Imagery. The question is: can I teach others how to turn their original artwork into a “woodcut” quilt? Follow along for the next few days and I’ll show you how I develop this new class.

21 thoughts on “New Class: Idea!

  1. Love, love, LOVE this style!! Can’t wait to see the process. These images are the type I see in my head and never could figure out how to translate them with cloth. Happy day for me….Thanks!!

  2. I took this class from you some years ago, at the NQA show and have sometimes wondered why you abandoned this style. I will be following along because I have thought about giving it another try, too.

    • I think I stopped making them because I discovered that I really like hand embroidery on small quilts rather than making large quilts. But I’m hoping to combine this style with hand stitching now.

    • Yes, you’re right. The whole quilt is built on a large black background fabric. Fused fabric shapes are cut to reveal just a small edge of black around each shape.

  3. I’M IN! Gosh, 18 years—-already! :0. I remember doing a workshop with you with black fabric, fusibles and houses. .I’ll have to dig out my “swiss cheese house” and look at it. Looking forward to another 18 years friend!

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