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needletipsToday I’m writing about needle tips and I literally mean the tip of the needle. The needles above are both a Size 3 embroidery needle but, from different brands.  If you look closely at the image, you’ll see they differ in girth or diameter. And there is a difference between the tips of the two needles too. The top needle has a more tapered point.

chartneedleandthreadYou’ll see this image on my The Thread-u-cation tutorial page. It indicates my suggestions for what embroidery thread size goes with what embroidery needle size. But be forewarned! Not all needles are created equally. And neither are their tips.

8 thoughts on “Needle Tips

  1. Questions. Can you tell us what brand(s) of needles you would prefer to buy. In today’s example would your choice be the longer taper or the shorter? Or do the tapers differ in just the size of the needle, not between brands?

    • I like the Richard Hemmings brand of embroidery needles from the Colonial Needle Company. I also like the needle with the longer taper for stitching. And in my experience a Size 3 needle in one brand may have a different taper than a size 3 needle in another brand.

  2. Another question I have is the eye size the same? Or is that why you chart lists two different needle sizes for a single thread size. And I read somewhere that 2 separated strands of embroidery thread is equal to a size 12 thread. What size thread would a full 6-strand length of embroidery thread equal your hand-dyed thread, Size 8 or Size 5


    • Hi Janet,
      The eye size will vary by brand and needle size too. You just have to find the brand that works best for you.

      I’ve tried to compare the pearl cotton thread sizes with strands of floss and have come up with this: 2 strands equal my size 12 pearl cotton; 4 strands equal my size 8 peal cotton; 6 strands equal my size 5 pearl cotton. (This is just a guess, I have no real way of measuring the diameters of the threads.)

      • Thank you Very much for the estimates with embroidery thread. While I like the feel of the pearl cotton thread, I really have tons of DMC embroidery thread. I had all that I bought for my cross stitching when a friend saw huge collection of thread at an estate sale last month and bought it for me.

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