Name this Series and Win a Prize!


Whimsy Lane #9 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

Each year I have a quest and I’m hoping you can help me. I need a new name for the series of house quilts I’m making.


Windy City #6 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

In the past there have been the Housing Department, Windy City, Whimsy Lane, Small World, My House, and (most peculiar) Tilty Town series. Have any ideas of what I might call the new series? And before you get too carried away, please note that Nut House is already taken.


My House #12 by Laura Wasilowski

If I pick your title for the new series I’ll send you something fun from my house. Any ideas?

14 thoughts on “Name this Series and Win a Prize!

  1. I am re-sending this, so you may have it already… I’d call them Hatty Houses or Hattie Houses because of the hat-like roofs. Hattie is short for Henrietta, which is the feminine of Henry, from the Germanic words home and ruler.

  2. Inside Uptown or Outside Uptown
    Wrong Side Downtown
    Many variations possible, but I like these best.

  3. No suggestion for the series, sadly, but this one calls Jack and the Beanstalk to my mind. :)

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