My Digital Sketchbook

quietmorningipadsketchOnce in a while I drag out the old IPad and draw something in an app called ArtStudio. It’s a great way to design a quilt and is less expensive than paper and pencil. (OK, I’m delusional.)


Quiet Morning by Laura Wasilowski designed on an IPad.

Here’s a quilt designed on the IPad that is now available as a pattern on Craftsy. Quiet Morning reminds me of those early hours in the countryside when the earth is waking up fresh and new.

Want to design your own quilts on the IPad? Here’s how to create a pattern using your iPad, a drawing app, and a computer:

Open your drawing app and sketch your design on the screen (the image here is with the ArtStudio app). I recommend drawing with a stylus but, like finger painting, a fingertip will do.

  • Don’t like something? Just use the back button, erase the line, or discard the whole sketch like a piece of paper (without the waste) and start over.
  • Remember to draw enclosed shapes. These shapes become fabric shapes later.
  • Save the image and email it to yourself.
  • Open the emailed image in photo editing software on your computer and save it as a jpeg.
  • Print the image out using your computer and printer. Or take the jpeg to your local copy shop and have them enlarge and print it for you. Or project the jpeg image on white paper using a digital projector (enlarging it to the size you want) and trace the lines to create your master pattern.

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