My Baking Career?

parchmentpaperLooks like I’m about to bake a massive batch of cookies, right? If you believe this, you would be very, very wrong. The last time I baked cookies dinosaurs roamed Illinois. No, this recent supply of parchment paper has a different destiny. It was purchased at my local Costco for your class projects.

stripfusing2See, parchment paper works just like the release paper that comes with fusible web. Used when making fused art quilts, this paper has a silicone coating that releases fused fabrics glued together like this collage of green fabric strips. I am told that parchment paper also releases large chocolate chip cookies that someone else bakes. I hope to meet that person someday.

15 thoughts on “My Baking Career?

  1. i am laughing very hard! yipes! I love parchment paper for baking but had no idea it would be this useful in the sewing room!!

  2. I have known about using freezer paper for several years and I keep boxes of quart and gallon zip lock bags and a box of unscented dryer sheets plus washed fruit and veggie styrofoam trays for holding paper piecing fabric in my sewing room so now I will add parchment paper. Looks like I need a kitchen etc. shelf in my sewing room . Wonder what other household items will rear their heads

    • Isn’t it amazing how we can adapt different tools to our sewing needs? I like the idea of reusing styrofoam trays for fabric storage. Good idea!

  3. Oooo…..Laura, you said transferring a pattern with parchment paper?! Do you use a transfer pen with that or can you use a different kind of pen? What a great use for parchment paper. I use it to make my own bags for cake decorating, but using it for quilting is more exciting!!

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