May Your Bumpy Combinations Rock


Tasty Bite of Apple by Laura Wasilowski

It’s true what you’ve heard. A chapter in my new book, Joyful Stitching, was mysteriously removed before publication. Sure, I’m making this all up but the chapter called Combinations Rock! was a great idea! It was all about combining embroidery stitches and included the merging of stitches to create texture on fabric.

tastybiteofapple3A good example of this texture building is found in the Tasty Bite of Apple project. Adjacent rows of Blanket Stitches create small squares like the light green threads above. Each green square is filled in with a red French Knot. This is my favorite stitch combination. I love how the bumpy texture created with complementary thread colors really zings. Don’t you just love a bumpy combination?


6 thoughts on “May Your Bumpy Combinations Rock

  1. I think the pear would look a lot like the apple if the background were a different color. It is really an interesting concept to see the stitch groupings take the place of different fabric colors if one were fusing the fruit with various shades of color.

    All of my projects are coming out larger because I’m having trouble making my stitches smaller. But I am having fun.

    • Sometimes bigger is better, Janet. The mark we make with our stitches is sort of like a signature, individual to each stitcher. I’d love to see what you’re making.

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