Making the French Fly Stitch

 pinkingstitch4 A favorite method of stitching a fabric cut with a pinking blade is to use the Fly Stitch. It gives a neat finish to the fabric and makes a bold zigzag line around a fabric shape.

flystitch6In this image you see 3 variations of the Fly Stitch. There is the trusty traditional Fly in the center in blue thread. The elongated version of the Fly surrounds the top purple fabric in orange thread. And below is the latest and greatest version in blue thread around the purple square featuring the French Knot.

I don’t know what this stitch is really called so I’m calling it the French Fly.

flystitch7Here’s how to make the French Fly. Start with the thread exiting the fabric at the tip or peak of the pinked edge.

flystitch8Insert the tip of the needle at the top of the next peak of the pinked edge.

flystitch9Skim the needle under the fabric to the valley between the two peaks. Trap the thread coming out of the first peak under the tip if the needle. Draw the needle and thread through the fabric.

flystitch10Make a French Knot inserting the needle into the fabric on the other side of the thread in the valley. This stitch over the thread holds it in the valley making a V shape that follows the pinked fabric edge adding decorative French Knot at the same time.Thus the term French Fly.