Making Spring Blooms #4

blooms5Now that the center vignette of my quilt is cut to shape, I can start adding the flowers, stems, and leaves to the vase. Here’s a tip: slip a piece of release paper or parchment paper under the rim of the vase. Arrange the leaves and stems and tuck them under the rim. When they are in place, remove the release paper and fuse the rim into place.

blooms6The improvised vignette is removed from the Teflon sheet on which I’ve been building. It is centered onto an over-dyed batik fabric and fuse-tacked into place. I like the idea of the flowers extending into the frame of the green fabric as if they are reaching beyond the confines of the wallpaper.

2 thoughts on “Making Spring Blooms #4

  1. I wish I was as free as you when putting things together like this. I get so afraid I am going to ruin the piece!!!!!!! Great job. Love to watch the composition come to life.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the process Jill. I was pretty uptight at one time when making small compositions but over came it by making lots of stuff. The more you make the more comfortable you get. It’s like practicing any skill. The more you do it, the better you become.

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