Making Spring Blooms #2

blooms2When you make improvised quilts you must be brave! So I bravely sliced my woven collage on the diagonal to begin the next flower project. Does that woven collage remind you of a table cloth? Me too. And I’ve just discovered I’m making a vase of flowers sitting on a table.

blooms3Before overlapping the apple green fabric (table) to the green batik fabric (wall), I’ve decided to add striped lines to make wallpaper. The red stripes are 1/8″ strips of fused fabric cut on the bias so they won’t fray. Everything is fuse tacked into place and ready for the next steps.

You may detect a shiny surface behind all the fused fabrics. The design is fused directly onto a Teflon sheet that covers my table. The Teflon will release the fused fabrics after they cool.

3 thoughts on “Making Spring Blooms #2

  1. Do you have fraying when you cut on the straight or cross grains? Or do you Most always cut on the bias? I learned how to free-cut from your first Craftsy class and still use it and improvisation in my quilting. Thank you So Much for that technique!
    Also, Was the Teflon you have free of folds and wrinkles? Where did you find one big enough? The ones I had prior where thick and folded and a little small so I used the Release paper that comes with Wonder Under until I found the “Goddess Sheets” made of Teflon and Fiberglass (come in small to very large sizes). I also found these sheets by other names like “Oven Parchment Sheets(?)/paper” big enough to cover the oven rack. Both of these have a beige/tan color instead of the Teflon white but are also a bit shinny. They both work like the white Teflon on your table./ Thought you might like to know about other “release” resources if you don’t already know about them.

    • Hi Patricia,
      For the most part I try to cut fabrics on the bias to achieve neat, clean edges. But I also use really sharp scissors to get clean edges on non-bias fabric edges.

      The Goddess Sheets and Teflon baking sheets work great and I have a set of those to travel with. But the white sheet I have on my fusing table is from Bear Thread Designs. They have a variety of Teflon sheets and made a special one just for me that is huge!

      Check out their website here:

      • Thanks Laura. I was curious. I just made a “fusing Board” about 20″ x 32″ from a 24″ x 36″ Goddess Sheet that I can move from one table to another. I can also use a different 24″ x 36″ sheet over my pressing table to change the surface from ironing to fusing and have a little space for my iron (I think the table has a bit more padding).

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