Lazy Daisy and Give-Away Winner


Love at First Stitch (detail) from Joyful Stitching by Laura Wasilowski

Did you know that the Lazy Daisy Stitch has a split personality? Yes, this sweet embroidery stitch may look loopy and easy going. And sure, the Lazy Daisy is useful for making charming little flowers like those in the Love at First Stitch project in Joyful Stitching.

But secretly, in the back alleys of the embroidery world, it is know as the Detached Chain Stitch.


Bird on a Branch #6 by Laura Wasilowski

When parading around as the Detached Chain Stitch, the Lazy Daisy may be scattered to the wind. Carefree and optimistic, they are useful for texture building or to indicate leaves on a tree top. Here are directions for the Lazy Daisy Stitch or the Detached Chain Stitch. (It all depends on how you feel.)


And speaking of carefree and optimistic, here is the lucky winner of a set of felt shapes to play with: Suzanne M.  Like the felt used in the Love at First Stitch project, may it feel like you are stitching through butter. Congratulations!

Read more about the projects in Joyful Stitching here.


8 thoughts on “Lazy Daisy and Give-Away Winner

  1. I absolutely loved your presentation and class yesterday! Can’t wait until I have a free morning to do more with my fusing degree. Thanks for a great class.

  2. Who knew that the lazy daisy stitch (that I learned about 60 years ago!!) had another name. I like lazy daisy better. Definitely a fun stitch.

  3. It just clicked on couching after seeing this sample! Thanks!!!!! I am beginning to stitch in felt with wool and would like to know which thread would look the best!

  4. No matter how old you are, you can learn something new everyday. I never knew the detached chain was a form of the lazy daisy stitch. It’s so obvious when you look at it, but it never occurred to me.

  5. Your work always makes me smile! Love what you teach us, I always learn something new.

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