Just Can’t Get Anything Done


It’s the dog days of summer and I just can’t get anything done. Maybe it’s the ┬áheat or the humidity or …..here’s an idea….. babysitting two young rascals who are quite charming but need lots of attention.

My productivity level is at an all time low. About all I can get done is twisting and labeling thread. (Thread that was dyed well over a month ago.) Do you every find yourself with zero ambition? Is it a bad thing?

16 thoughts on “Just Can’t Get Anything Done

  1. It’s only a bad thing if it goes on forever…which it won’t! I too am struggling to get anything done these days, but I’m sure I’ll get my mojo back before too long. Meanwhile I can blame our new kitten, who I’m sure matches the energy level of your two rascals AND can climb onto/into anything!

  2. The No Ambition spot is not a bad place to be. It seems to me that it is as far from ambition one can get which only leaves one way to go — back up the ladder. It gives you a chance to completely declutter your mind so that new thoughts and ideas have someplace to go without competing with the past. Just think of all the new ideas you will have time to explore or experiment with

  3. I think you need to put the rascals to work to get things done while you sit back and ponder this downturn in ambition, with a glass of wine in hand.

  4. Lately that has been me. I have sewn a few rows of tumbler blocks, but nothing that requires too much “work” I just can get motivated to do anything that can wait.

  5. Laura, it just means you need to step back and recharge. Yes, it’s annoying when it happens to you, but it’s just a reminder to take care of YOU!

  6. Enjoy those scrumptious little ones! I had mine a lot when they were little . My granddaughter loved playing with fabric and wool scraps when she was a toddler, then when she was 11 and 12, she made 2 prize winning pillows for our local fall fair. Grandson loved to play with fabric too and helped make little hangings. Now they are teenagers and more involved with school activities and friends. Love every exhausting minute with them while you can. :)

    Pat …in hot, humid Niagara desperate for rain.

    • That’s so great that your grandchildren enjoy working with fabric, Pat. We had a few moments of playing with fabric here but they are kind of young to have it hold their interest for long. Maybe next year!

  7. I pray you get thru your little slump really fast! Enjoy looking at your beautiful colors while you twist and label them./ I used your Parakeet nr.3 thread to wrap a stone for the CST Facebook Group on week 7 “wrapping it up”. I love the colors in the Parakeet fabric and the threads. I have all the sizes I believe./ Take care of yourself and enjoy the young ones.

    • Thank Patricia. I’m so happy you are enjoying your threads. Looks like I may have time this week to get back into the swim of things.

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