It’s Here! Your Joyful Stitching Has Arrived

joyfulstitchingfrontcover I’m happy to announce that my new book, Joyful Stitching is now available! I wasn’t expecting it until February 2018 but here it is, a year early! In celebration of this momentous event, there will be months of give-aways on this blog beginning this Saturday. So watch for that.

joyfulstitchingandplantI’m so thrilled to have Joyful Stitching in hand and want to thank the crew at C&T Publishing who made it all happen. They sent me this lovely plant along with the first copy of the book. (I hope to keep the plant alive for a day or two.) Check out all the projects and information about the book here.

36 thoughts on “It’s Here! Your Joyful Stitching Has Arrived

  1. Love the cover of this book, not sure but think I saw it on Amazon the other day.
    I need that needle identifiers …I usually have several different sizes of needles when have seeing and use the one that the thread fits in!

    Have no idea what the size I’d.

  2. Congratulations on the new book! It looks fun and inspiring. I always love the colorful quilts you create. Such eye candy.

  3. Congratulations to you Laura! The book looks very fun and informative. Can’t wait to share it with my daughter who loves to do hand stitching as well.

  4. Congratulations on your book! You are always so helpful, I’m sure the book will be super! Thanks for all you do for us, Donna

  5. Congratulations Laura! I can hardly wait to add your new book to my ‘Laura’ collection of books, Craftsy classes and DVD. Your work is always fun and inspiring.

  6. Congrats on the new book. What a way to start the new year. Can’t wait to try some of the projects

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