It’s Freezing Here in the Windy City!


Windy City #9  by Laura Wasilowski

I make a lot of quilts about houses. An architect may say I’m looking for the ideal structure. A psychiatrist may say I’m trying to return to the “womb”. I say I live near the Windy City and appreciate the shelter and warmth of a well made house when it’s freezing outside. No matter what the reason, I like making house quilts. Here’s one of the latest ones, Windy City #9. Looks warm to me.

6 thoughts on “It’s Freezing Here in the Windy City!

  1. Love all your whimsical quilts. You have inspired me for a long time and although my work is not as whimsical, you have had an impact. Your colour choices have made me free to let my colour sense have licence.

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