It Takes This Long to Make It


Windy City #6 (9″ x 12″) by Laura Wasilowski

A few days ago I asked if you could estimate how many hours it took me to make this small quilt, Windy City #6. And, as an experiment, I tried to keep track of the time to complete it. But honestly, my skills at time keeping stink! It seems I go into a zone when making a quilt and lose track of time.

Below are the stages of creating the art work and an estimate of the number of hours to complete each stage. Let’s see how close you were in guessing the total time.

  • Hand-dyeing the fabrics-  .5 hours
  • Fusing the fabrics-  .5 hours
  • Designing the quilt-  1 hour
  • Adding hand embroidery-  6.5 hours
  • Machine quilting and binding-  1 hour
  • Photographing and documenting the quilt-  .5 hours

Windy City #6 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

The total is about 10 hours from start to finish with most of time spent on hand embroidery. Now, what you don’t see in this list is the hours of enjoyment I got from making the art work. That’s really hard to measure.

5 thoughts on “It Takes This Long to Make It

  1. “Windy City” is a terrific art piece – I’m surprised that you were able to do it so quickly. My stock answer when asked “how long will/did it take?” is – “It takes/took as long as it takes/took.” Keeping a time sheet is something I had to do for over 30 years – now that I’m retired – I just enjoy the process – ;))

  2. Thanks for keeping track! I am not good at that either. People do tend to ask, I think because they don’t have another frame of reference to talk about. (If they were Makers, they’d ask about stitches or where did I get those beads, etc.)

    I’ll have to keep track of my makings for a while. Now I’m curious. I tend to have a zillion projects, and no way of estimating time to completion. And one needs to do that if a gift is to be given on time.

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