Interior Landscapes?

prettyplanetpalmtreesWe’ve reached that time in my gardening life where I shut myself up in the house. Why, you ask? Because mosquitoes roam the earth looking for blood, my blood.

prettyplanetpalmtrees1So what’s a gardener to do? Why work on a landscape indoors, of course! Here you see a quilt sample from my defunct Pretty Planets class being turned into a small piece of art. All it lacks is some machine quilting and a few tiny dots representing…. mosquitoes.

6 thoughts on “Interior Landscapes?

  1. I love those little flowers, I’m sure you’ve done them before but I’m just noticing them now in this cute little planet quilt.

    • Those little flowers are easy to do. Just a straight stitch for a stem topped with a Sheaf Stitch and French knot.

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