Improv Stitching on Wool #6

sheep8I’m not sure that I like the look on this sheep’s face. Pretty sure he looks rather too sweet and cuddly. Never trust a baby faced sheep.

sheep10But I’ve decided to fill in the face with more French Knots using a Size 8 Peas in the Pod pearl cotton thread. To distract myself from that goofy face, I’m adding on the Chain Stitch to outline the horns.

2 thoughts on “Improv Stitching on Wool #6

  1. “Never trust a species that smiles all the time – it’s probably up to something”. It’s usually said in relation to dolphins – I think it originates with Douglas Adams.

  2. It is true you should never trust a cute, cuddly baby sheep face. Those are strong little critters who don’t know their own strength.

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