Improv Stitching on Wool #1

woolimprov1When learning a new skill, do you learn by watching another person do it, by listening to directions, or by reading about how to do it?

During my Improvisational Hand Embroidery on Wool classes students are given a book with embroidery stitch directions. But I’m also happy to demonstrate stitches and talk themĀ  through the process of acquiring a new stitching skill.

The set of stitches above are from one of those demonstrations showing a closed Blanket Stitch, Bullion Knots, and Couching. Could this sampler of stitches be used as a jumping off point for a new design? Stay tuned and we’ll see if I can turn those random stitches into something.

One thought on “Improv Stitching on Wool #1

  1. I do best if left with written and diagrammed instructions. If people try to show me, it doesn’t usually help at all!

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