How to Turn Your Blue Chair into a Quilt

bluechairNow that my blue chair quilt is complete, I thought you’d like to make one too. Here are the directions. First get a blue chair. Find one with a beautiful plump shape in a rich blue color. Place a round table next to it and artfully arrange a plant on the table.

bluechairdrawingAsk the table and chair to hold still while you make a sketch. As you draw, make enclosed shapes. Remember, these shapes become fabric shapes. Now you need to enlarge the sketch to the size of the quilt you’d like to create. 

One way to do this is to scan the drawn image and save it as a jpeg. Or take a photo of the drawing and save it as a jpeg. Once your drawing is in a jpeg format, you have several ways to enlarge it. 
  • Print it on acetate and project the image using an overhead projector. (Old technology but you just may have an overhead projector in your attic.)
  • Project the image using a digital projector and trace onto paper.
  • Or take it to a copy shop and have them enlarge it and print it onto paper.  

If you are projecting the image, enlarge the image to the size you want and trace it onto white paper. This is your Master Pattern. Whoo hooo! Now go forth and make a blue chair quilt.

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