How to Make a Nice Abutment

fusingabutHere’s a tip brought to you by the Chicago School of Fusing. When adding another piece of fusible web to fabric, don’t overlap the fusible web papers like what I’ve done above. This is a no no!

fusingabut1Instead, do this: abut the 2 edges of the fusible web paper. This way when you fuse, you don’t get glue on the paper underneath. If you overlap the papers, you get glue on the paper. Your iron picks up the glue on the paper when you use it later and then transfers the glue to your beautiful quilt top. The paper that comes with the fusible web  (release paper) is so useful. You can fuse fabric to release paper over and over again and it always releases the fabric.

lauraandironSo save the release paper that comes with fusible web. By placing the release paper on your quilt top, you protect the iron from fabric shapes that are place upside down on the quilt. Remember: protect your quilts from filthy irons and don’t tempt them with glue on the paper.

9 thoughts on “How to Make a Nice Abutment

  1. I learned the hard way just how true this is. Luckily I only overlapped a little bit and didn’t do too much damage. I only did it once.

  2. AND, if you make a wallpaper cut of the two pieces of fusible web, the abutment is practically perfect in every way (much like Mary Poppins). Your tip is a great one, Laura.


  3. Great tip, but it’s that last photo that brought a smile to my early-morning face with your smile and that cute flower fused to the bottom of your iron. Whoops!

    • Happy to make you smile! That’s an old photo but is still applies today. I often place fused fabric upside down and get it on the iron.

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