How to Load Your Decorative Blades


Have you tried cutting your fused fabrics with decorative rotary cutter blades ? Most decorative blades like pinking, wave, and scallop can be used on the same handle used for your straight blades.

But did you know you have to load a decorative blade in a special way to get a clean and easy cut?

wavebladeCheck out these directions on how to load your decorative blades on my Tutorial Page.

6 thoughts on “How to Load Your Decorative Blades

  1. Excellent information. Your directions are precise. Changing blades always gives me the willies! Thanks do much!

  2. My question is : What do you cut them on? It ruins the Olfa green mats………..

    • Yes, the blades chew into the mats and mess up the grid lines if you use then a lot. You may want to turn the mat over and cut on the wrong side of the mat.

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