How Long Did It Take to Make?

What’s the most frequently asked question you receive when you show your art work? I bet its “How long did it take you to make it?” We’ve all heard this many times. My cheeky response has always been “A life time.”


Windy City #6 by Laura Wasilowski

But not any more. I decided to actually keep track of my time when making Windy City #6. It measures about 9″ x 12″, is made with fused fabric scraps, hand embroidered, and machine quilted. Can you guess the total time it took to create this quilt from design to the final stitch? Give me a few answers and I’ll let you know in a few days.

9 thoughts on “How Long Did It Take to Make?

  1. I am going to guess it took you about 9 hours to make this, if your fabrics were already pre-fused. I figure you are quick at designing Laura and equally as quick at both hand embroidery and quilting, since you do this all the time and it it is second nature to you. Plus it’s a smallish quilt too. So yes 9 hours is my guess. Curious to see how long it actually was. Maybe you are even faster than I imagine you to be?

  2. I think I would guess 14-15 hours at a minimum. That is a lot of stitching and the quilting would take some time too. So my guestimate is probably low.

  3. I’m always very optimistic when I estimate how long it will take me to complete a project. I bet that you are twice as fast as the rest of us, so I’m going to guess 8 hrs. and 15 mins.

  4. I’m guessing 8 hrs. But if I tried to do it in 8 hrs it would be a hot mess. You are very talented.

  5. 12 1/2 hours, only because you used precut scraps…putting them to good use, like you were teaching us a few weeks ago.

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