Have You Read Seams Unlikey?

You must read this inspiring story of one of our own, Nancy Zieman, of Nancy’s Notions and Sewing with Nancy fame. Nancy has written an excellent book about her life called Seams Unlikely. It tells one of my favorite stories: how a young farm girl becomes a powerhouse in the sewing and quilting industry.


Acting goofy on the Sewing with Nancy set with the ever gracious, Nancy.

One of my favorite chapters talks of her 4-H Club experience. Like Nancy, I owe my 4-H leaders so much for steering me into this profession. It amazes me that those small things you do in your youth, can lead to big things as an adult. And things really got big for Nancy! Nancy’s book describes her trials and successes in a modest and inspiring way. You’ll really love this book!

And you could win a copy too. Just leave a comment today on my blog and if you are the lucky winner, I’ll send you one!

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64 thoughts on “Have You Read Seams Unlikey?

  1. Head, Heart, Hands and Health – those 4 H’s have done so much for millions of us. I’ll definitely be reading Nancy’s book to get her story.

    • I have been a Nancy’s girl for years. Even if I didn’t want to make what she was talking about I was charmed by her enthusiasm and calm teaching style. Bravo, Nancy!

  2. I love Nancy! I did not do 4h, but my mother taught me so much about sewing. When she retired she watched Nancy’s show twice a week and got me hooked when I’d come and visit. Many parcels came to me from Nancy’s notions as my mother would buy two of everything she bought. One for her and one for me.
    Now I’ve inherited her set and passed those to my daughter. Nancy’s show may not be available where we live but her presence is with us in our endeavors with her tools and notions! Can’t wait to read the book. She’s an inspiration and has overcome many obstacles in her life and was one of the first in sewing programs.

  3. I have Sewing With Nancy set to record on my DVR every week! She has always been an inspiring woman to me. I would love to receive a copy of her story! Thanks for the chance!

  4. I’ve watched Nancy for years and have seen her at the Sewing Expo in Washington. She’s very inspiring!

  5. I’d love to win this book! I visit your site everyday, and have watched Nancy’s Notions for years.

  6. Not sure If I was to leave a comment here or on your other blog to enter the drawing for Seams Unlikely. I am inspired by your work as well as Nancy’s!

  7. I have watched sewing with nancy for years and would love a copy of Harper book. Keep up the good work on your blog. I read it every day.

  8. Nancy might be the very first sewist I watched on back in the day as many of us that now consider art quilting our vein
    came from the 5/8 th seam time!
    a former home EC overachiever, Sonja

  9. I would love to read Nancy’s book, she has always been a favorite of mine as are you.

  10. I’d love to read this book. Nancy is such an inspiration. And let’s not forget she created the Madison Quilt Expot that I love here in Madison.

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  12. Nancy has been quite an inspiration to anyone who has watched her shower read any of her books. It would be great to read this book.

  13. I’m enjoying the blog tour and learning more about Nancy! I would love to win a copy of her book. I will make sure to pass it along and share with others, should I receive a copy. :) Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. All the reviews are so positive and I wanted to read this book before that! It’s in my future one way or another!

  15. Laura, I’ve had “Make a fused art quilt” on my mental to do list for years. I keep getting bogged down making baby quilts and things for gifts. I’m going to make a simple style modern quilt (i.e. quick) for my new expected grandchild and that’s it! The time for fun and fusing is now! I, too, have watched Nancy Z since the late 70’s.

  16. Nancy is/has been my inspiration for nearly 30 years. I have only written two fan letters in my whole life, both were to her.

  17. Thanks to you and Nancy both for sharing your skills and love of sewing with the rest of us.

  18. Winning a copy of Nancy’s book would be great. Her shows on PBS have been an inspiration to me. Her grit and determination is to be admired..

  19. I did not have access to the 4-H organization, but I had the next best person in me life to teach me the love of sewing, my Mom. Be her side at her machine, I would design doll’s outfits as she sewed my outfits. Then, once she’d turn me loose, she would grade me, like A, B, or an F! I eventually made it to the A’s. Thank you Nancy.

  20. I have about 3-4 weeks ago found Nancy on dish network! I am recording her everyday! This is awesome!
    Already learned a lot!
    Will have to find out where to get the book!

  21. I have been part of Nancy’s life for many years…although she doesn’t know it! :) I would live to have a copy of her book. I still watch every Saturday that I don’t work. Even getting my Granddaughter to watch!

  22. I love watching Sewing with Nancy every Saturday morning!! Would love to read Nancy’s book!!!

  23. love to watch Nancy……haven’t got to read her book yet but I feel like it will be very interesting……hope to win a copy….thank you

  24. Have been a Sewing with Nancy devotee for years. Would love to win her book. Have many of her books, love them all and use them all the time.

  25. I am very much looking forward to reading Nancy’s autobiography. I,too, got my start at age 7 in 4-H, and 60 years later, sewing is still my love! Great memories of my projects, the style shows, camp, and more!

  26. I have looked forward to waking every Saturday morning to watch Sewing with Nancy since I was a young woman. She took up teaching me about sewing where my grandmothers and mother left off. I have long wished to know more about her.

  27. I have watched Sewing With Nancy on WPNE-TV for many years. I have picked up so many quilting tips. Thank you Nancy for inspiring so many!

  28. I did the 4 H’s at a young age , yes it was a main stay in my life and years later I became an organizational leader and used Nancy’s book to teach. she has inspired me in so many way’s to the love of sewing and quilting. thank-you for all you have given !!! You are an amazing woman for all you have done for sewing !!!!!!!!

  29. The simple fact that I have had the privilege of meeting both of you wonderful women has enriched my life exponentially! Thank you both for the inspiration as well as the education!

  30. Nancy is such a role model for us all. She has led the way for many of us for a very long time, only getting better with time. A true inspiration.

  31. I started watching SWN when my sewing machine was my mom’s Featherweight and through many upgrades since ( still have the Featherweight of course) and rewatch online. She has inspired me to get better and better and try new things – like actually usig my Serger, Thanks.

  32. I started with 4-H too! Now I work in a fabric department and I love helping new sewers get started!

  33. I really enjoy watching Nancy’s show. She and her guests explain their techniques and tips with plain and understandable instructions. Nancy is a true professional. I’d love to read her book.

  34. A lot of my success in sewing came from watching and learning from Nancy. When I was working, I would record her shows and watch at night and on weekends. Saw the shows that she told of her successful television shows. Would love to read her book and if I could win a copy, I could spend that money on fabric to make something that she has shown me.

  35. I’m a longtime fan of Nancy’s. Thanks for reviewing her book. It sounds very inspirational.

  36. I have been a fan for over 35 years. Some of my most memorable years were spent sewing with Nancy. Sharon Garbett, Moline, IL.

  37. Reading the book now and absolutely love it! I highly recommend this book for anyone, not just quilters or those who love sewing, but everyone who is inspired by the success stories of those brave souls who have faced great adversity and have triumphed over every trial! Kudos Nancy!

  38. I try to watch Nancy every week. She feels like a sister. I would love to read her book.

  39. I am so anxious to get my hands on a copy of Nancy’s book. She is a great inspiration to me and my week isn’t complete without watching her PBS show on Wednesday mornings!

  40. Nancy is such an inspiration. I’ve learned a lot from her shows. I look forward to reading her book.

  41. I have been a fan of Nancy’s for a long time and would love to read her book. So many things in her life are a parallel of mine, 4-H, farmgirl, Wis. native, and sewing enthusiast.

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