Guest Artists: Creating Graphic Imagery


House by Iris

Another favorite class I’ll be teaching this week in Sisters OR is called Creating Graphic Imagery. No matter what you make in this class, it turns out terrific. Students design their own artwork and build on black fabric using the black to outline shapes as illustrated by Iris’s quilt above. Isn’t it wonderful?


Canyon by Suzanne

Here’s another example from a previous class by Suzanne. She says: “It was so much fun to bring to completion this vision of a special canyon in Canada.  Love this technique too, just what I was looking for to illustrate and simplify what I saw.  Fun, also to use such vibrant colors.” Well done Suzanne!

Thank you Iris and Suzanne for sharing your beautiful artwork with us.

6 thoughts on “Guest Artists: Creating Graphic Imagery

  1. Could you get a similar effect by outlining those areas with black satin stitching?

    • Yes, you would get a similar effect. But with this method (building on black fabric) the black lines vary in width. I think this adds to the “woodcut” look.

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