Guest Artist: A New Teacher on the Horizon

Geri and her sister, Charlene graduates of the 2008 CSOF class of fusers.

My students are always exceptional. And here is one gal, with lots of talent who is now teaching the fine art of fusing!  Geri (seen here with her quilt from my Inside Stories class) and her sister Charlene are both very talented.

Color Chip Collage

Geri just finished teaching her first fusing class using my book Fusing Fun: Fast Fearless Art Quilts for step by step directions. The CSOF extension class was held at the New Pieces Quilt Shop in Berkley. Soon Geri will teach more fabulous fusing classes there so stay tuned. Thanks Geri for sharing with us!

4 thoughts on “Guest Artist: A New Teacher on the Horizon

  1. Oooh.. I love the color chip collage and just figured out that it is a class you teach. Now I really want to take the class! Do you have a book on that?
    I think it would make a great class for Craftsy. (since I rarely have time to travel to take a class.)

  2. Yes, the colorchip collage method is a chapter in my book Fusing Fun: Fast Fearless Art Quilts. It's kind of like painting with chips of fabric rather than blobs of paint. Lots of fun!

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