Give-Away: Wool and Thread


Rare Songbird by Laura Wasilowski

To kick off the new year, I’m planning on giving away a lot of stuff! It’s a way to celebrate my new book, Joyful Stitching, and a way to share the happiness of hand embroidery. One of my favorite projects in the book (also on the cover) is this sweet little bird. Rare Songbird is stitched on gorgeous blue wool with lots of colorful thread.

giveaway1Here’s the Give-Away part. Leave a comment on my blog today and you may be the lucky winner of the blue wool fabric, Oranges Size 8 thread, and thread ring above. I’ll announce the winner next Thursday.

Read more about the projects in Joyful Stitching here.


115 thoughts on “Give-Away: Wool and Thread

  1. Oh I just love this little embroidered bird! Your creations always make me smile.

  2. I love the blue and orange combination. Since taking your first class I have loved your color choices because every thing seems so Happy.

  3. Ooo! I’ve got several wool appliqué/embroidery pieces floating around in my mind, so some of your wool and thread would be lovely! I am really enjoying your new book!

  4. I’ve just discovered how lovely wool is for stitching on and I always love your whimsical designs!

  5. Oh I just love these colors! I’m brand new at embroidery and would love to win this and see what I could do to make this sweet bird!

  6. hand stitching is on my retirement bucket list and the beautiful orange would be great for a first project. I am thinking tha Hand stitching is great for road trips or relaxing at the end of the day.

    • You’ll enjoy hand work when you retire or even now if you have a few minutes in the day to take a stitch and relax, Kathy.

  7. I love hand stitching. I travel a lot and always take a project along. Love working with wool. What a cheerful lovely giveaway! Thank you!

  8. I plan on hitting the road & solo rving in a couple months. Anxious to reconnect with hand stitching, a love many, many years ago….mostly on bell bottom jeans.

  9. I’m still working on my little bird from your free tutorial and love the images from this book – it’s definitely on my “want NOW” list!

  10. Your threads are so nice to use. That thread card looks really handy showing the threads on the correct needles. Like your new book, have all the previous ones.

  11. So excited for your book! I really need a kickstart in the creative part of my life and this looks like just the ticket!

  12. What a nice give away! I think this little bird is a happy visitor and would LOVE to embroider her.

    :) Linda

    • I always think the swirls in the sky look like wind gusts. It’s a way to ad motion and entertain myself when I stitch.

  13. That little bird looks like he’s found something good to eat…will he eat it? Thanks for sharing a sweet giveaway!

  14. I love the whimsicality of this little bird. The materials are beautiful. Stitching with these types of threads on wool is my new addiction

  15. I am looking forward to this book. A little joy in a weary joyless ( I am going to quit reading the news) world. I hope I win. Even if I don’t–I need to buy your book.

  16. Finished up a wool on cotton project just before the holidays, so am looking for the next one. That’s a lovely blue piece of wool that I’d like to have in my stash. Orange flowers could also be in my future.

  17. I love all of your colors, and the songbird is absolutely lovely! Your upcoming book sounds like a must buy!

  18. I live your stitches, and I remember from a class I took with you, that this is the perfect time of year to embellish our Projects.
    Beautiful wool to do it with!!!

  19. Laura,
    I got the new book as a present…LOVE IT. I have two projects picked to start out with. I hoard your threads from Quilt Colorado days! Egads! But they are so beautiful and like b u t t a h to work with, especially on wool. Love that orange! Thanks for the book, thanks for the inspiration, thanks for doing a cool giveaway! Happy New Year! We need a song!

  20. Ohh ahh! What gorgeous thread and wool! Thanks for the chance to win. And congratulations on publishing this beautiful book. I’m putting it on my wish list.

  21. I used to do hand stitching only when doing quilt bindings, During this last year, I have rediscovered the joy of hand stitching on wool and cotton fabrics. I am always looking for new inspiratiom and your book looks like it awill have to be in my resource library.

  22. Looking forward to your book! I just love embroidery especially with wool or wool and cotton together. Love the threads you are using as well. Your work is spectacular. Have a super great day! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  23. Your book looks wonderful! The blue background with colorfully embroidered orange bird is eye popping! Thank you!

  24. Got my book yesterday. I started on the hand today. What I love about this book is that all of the stitches that are used clearly taught. The thread colors and sizes are offered. I can use what is suggested or branch out on my own. I love that. I plan to make all of the offerings in this wonderful book. Thumbs up ten times for me.

  25. I always enjoy your lovely pieces. I am looking forward to trying the new projects from your book. Thanks for bringing “joy” to my world.

  26. Just received my “Joyful Stitching” book – a bright, beautiful book full of creative ideas and inspiration…love it!!!! I’ll be savoring each page. And as our weather gets wet and cold I’ll be warm and happy stitching with my bright artfabrik threads. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with all of us who love hand stitching.

  27. Previews of your new book are inspiring me to pick up needle and thread after far too long. I love the wonderful colors and stitches in your songbird!

  28. I love the movement of the sky too–It just makes it…Love the worm…..Thanks for the chance to win….

  29. Wow! This book looks great. Your color sense and exuberant style just make me happy.

  30. Love-Love-Love all your happy little quilts, they make this 84 year old happy to stitch! Wish I had your imagination!

  31. Sewing and quilting are like meditation to me but I always miss the ability to create when I’m away from my sewing machine. I just found your website and I love your techniques, color and style. While I’m very new to this, I know your beautiful handwork projects would satisfy my longing to create when traveling, on a plane, or just sitting on a beautiful beach. I can’t wait to get a copy of your book and try one of your wonderful pieces of art especially working with wool.

  32. I felted a damaged wool sweater because I loved the color; it made a wonderful background for stitching!

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