Give-Away: Threads for Your Garden


Folk Art Garden by Laura Wasilowski

This is what I like about pearl cotton threads. Unlike stranded floss, they lift off the surface and give your hand embroidery dimension. The size 5 threads used in the Folk Art Garden project from my new book, Joyful Stitching, are thick and really pump up the texture on fabric.

folkartgardendetailHere’s more good news. With those really thick threads, like the size 5 pearl cotton above, you can easily stitch through felt or wool. And see how it projects off the fabric? Heavier threads are needed on felt and wool so they don’t get lost or buried in the fabric.

giveaway4And now the the Give-Away part. Leave a comment on my blog today and you may be the lucky winner of all the Size 5 hand dyed threads needed for the Folk Art Garden project in Joyful Stitching. I’ll even throw in a thread ring! The winner will be announced next Thursday.

Read more about the projects in Joyful Stitching here.

236 thoughts on “Give-Away: Threads for Your Garden

  1. I follow your site and blog for a long time. You heave nice projects to show, I want 24 hours more a day then I can try your nice stitching embroidery.

    • Your folk art garden is stunning! The richness of the stitchery balances the clean simplicity of the design resulting in needleart that is ‘exactly right’. I love it!

    • I love your perle cotton colors. I recently did a jocobean tree of life. I did not have crewel yarn so I used size 5 perle cotton. Many were variegated. The results was stunning. I love your work.

  2. Your designs are so happy and playful! I have tried pearl cotton on a couple of projects but I’d like to do more. Thanks for the generous give away.

  3. Tahese threads look beautiful. I have not used them before and would love the opportunity to win these. Thank you so much.


  4. I love all of these projects. I work with wool applique and love to embellish with embroidery in perle corona. Long Ago, I found that your hard work is wasted on wool unless you use a heavier thread such as 5 or 8 perle. Looking forward to your book.

  5. Your work is really inspiring and I love your techniques. Thanks for sharing and keep pushing us all to see differently.

  6. One of my goals for this year is to learn embroidery. What better place to start than with something colorful and beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I have fallen in love with embroidery I am not very experienced so my projects are not very interesting…yet

  8. I love your work! It is so cheerful and always makes me smile! Thanks for the give-aways,

  9. Your colors are fabulous!! So rich in color. I would love them to be in my arsenal of fibers!

  10. I would love to win these beautiful colors. I would use them on felt – your pieces are so inspiring. : )

  11. My garden needs give-away threads! I am always stitching something wonderful. Today it is bunnies–two of them, facing each other with a beautiful posy in between. Of course, a small blue bird sits atop the flower. Size 3 thread (couched down with a variegated size 12 thread) would certainly make a lovely stem. The whole thing is about 4 inches square. I love it!

  12. Your work is so inspiring! I have dabbled in some stitching and find it addictive. Even just a little bit added to a quilt is transformative. I llike the thought of more dimension with size 5 vs the 8 that I have played with. The journey of discovery continues!

  13. I love the colors of your threads. I really like hand stitching on wool and have used your size 8 threads. Size 5 might be what I’m missing to make my projects pop. Thanks for the ideas!
    Happy Saturday!

  14. Several years ago a friend, & I purchased & shared 1 each of all your threads..I absolutely adore the gorgeous colors and stitching with them. Several are completely gone & i need to reorder. I would be thrilled to win this generous giveaway happy about the publication of your book!

  15. Love love Pearl Crown. Agree it adds such a delightful dimension to Creations!! Would love to have these colors ????

  16. Good morning Laura. I enjoy receiving your messages so much. I think your work gets prettier every time I receive an email.
    I appreciate you sharing your beautiful work and how to do stitches. I would love to receive the beautiful threads that you are giving away.
    Thank you for all you do
    Ida Mae

  17. The pearl cotton threads are lovely. Great addition to any ones stash! Love hand dyed threads!!!!

  18. I love purple! And I have always loved your cheerful, spontaneous art. Ever since I first saw you in Houston, I knew art could be fun, colorful, and whimsical. Thank you for your great creations and one made in your class won big every where I showed it.

  19. I loved your classes at Quilt Expo Madison & have been enjoying improvisational stitching on wool. I’d make good use of your beautiful thread if I were to win, thanks!

  20. I love the threads. Do you have any information about dyeing threads? I’ve worked with fabrics but never tried threads.

  21. Such a pretty look the threads give your flowers! I learn a lot about Stitching from your blog, and I’ve been Stitching since forever! Learn something new everyday and you’ll never grow old! Hoping to win those gorgeous threads!

  22. I have been using the wild rice perle thread and love the richness of the colors! Please include me in your January give away. drawing
    Thank you!

  23. Oh, these threads are so pretty! I love pearl cotton and it adds the perfect touch to wool projects. Thanks for a chance to win.

  24. See above, I’m anonymous… hoping to win your gorgeous threads, I learn from your blog every time I take a look, I’ve been Stitching forever but I can always learn something new. The best anti aging remedy… keep learning! Or, keep teaching!

  25. I may just getting back I to hand stitching and it has become e my favorite relaxing thing to do! Now I need to build my stash so I don’t have to stop and go to the store! Please pick me!

  26. I just acquired a book on stitching and would love to put these beautiful pearl cottons to work. They are beautiful.

  27. I have used these threads. and love them….i always thought the thicker size made my work look a little more ‘rustic’…!lol. I like using them with children in After School Programs….I think it’s easier for them to use twisted threads, and bigger threads. I love to look at the twisted skeins!!! and I love those spools. Thanks for all your work and suggestions.

  28. I love your colors and your sense of design. I’ve been a fan of your work for several years now. I enjoy adding pearl cotton embroidery to some of my art quilts and would love a sample of your beautiful threads.

  29. My adopted daughter is from India, and this pattern reminds me very much of Indian designs. Would love to win the thread to make this little piece for her. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. I really like stitching with perle cotton the best. Not only does it provide incredible texture to your work, perle cotton has a wonderful sheen to it.

    Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  31. What beautiful threads. They would definitely be inspiring to use. I love the texture they create.

  32. Beautiful threads! I have not used that size thread but love the 8 and 12. These look perfect for outlining letters too. Thanks for your teaching.

  33. How mesmerizing. They are so beautiful. Oh, why do we have to sleep? I wish that I could stitch 24/7. I guess that there would have to be small brakes for the chocolate and such…. OH, SIGH…

  34. I used to dislike hand stitching except for quilt bindings. But having tried this type of appliqué for the last few months, I am enjoying it quite a and love the effects.

  35. Wonderful designs and great color. You might be over hopeful if you think Spring is coming in 3 months in ILL. I lived in Chicago for 25 years and it seemed like some years we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer. Often we had Easter Sunrise Service in the snow.

  36. Love your luscious colors. They inspire me to start a new project, cuddle in ma cozy chair and start stitching.

  37. Just saw these gorgeous threads in your newsletter and came right here to comment; we are in the midst of a dreary winter here in Wisconsin, and these colors made me so happy to see. :) Thanks so much for the chance to win them!

  38. Love these threads! Also love the book Joyful Stitching! I would love to do more stitching using the book and the threads. Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  39. beautiful threads, perle cotton is also great to use on wool. thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Ohmygoodness, who wouldn’t love your threads! I work with mostly floss but am trying to transition to larger threads. This give a way would help my stash! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. These look wonderful. I much prefer pearl cotton over floss. So much easier to work with. I just had thumb surgery and this would be a new beginnings for me when I can stitch again. It has been almost a year since I have been able to do hand work.

  42. Laura
    Your imagination and creativity always amaze me. Congratulations on the new book. Always love using your beautiful pearl cotton, it bring such dimension to my work.

  43. Your threads are beautiful. I have worked on some embroidery projects, I love it!! Relaxing as well as fun. Your patterns are just plain fun

  44. Laura you got me started years ago with the Chicago institute of fusing….if I remembered that name correctly. I love your great looking pearl cottons!

  45. Stitch by stitch — I am learning to embellish my applique with hand embroidery and I am absolutely addicted to it now. I can’t stop nor do I want to!! And the great thing is I can take it anywhere 😉 and drop in a few stitches and suddenly feel at peace. Your colors are absolutely delicious! Thank you for this blog and the constant flow of eye candy!

  46. I would love to wing thos pearl threads! I enjoy wool appliqué and embellishments with pearl cotton thread. Your work is beautiful!!

  47. I love seeing your art. You’ve encouraged me to start doing needlework again after a 20 year break. I’d have never thought about pearl cotton! Thank you for the inspiration.

  48. Hand embroidery was one of the first sewing skills I was taught by my maternal grandmother. I made many crazy quilt squares from scraps at a young age.

  49. My grandmother did beautiful hand embroidery. Your pieces remind me of her. I have completed one project using your techniques. Loved doing it. You are easy to understand and your pictures and directions are easy to follow.

  50. Your book was a holiday present to myself. I love it! The title is perfect, stitching always brings me joy. I use your threads often. Thanks.

  51. I have “Colorful Quilts” and love it, will definitely purchase Your new book. I’ve used pearl cotton in the pas

  52. I love all the “quirkiness” of your designs…Hoping to get to that stage of my creativilty soon… time seems to be rushing these days!

  53. These threads are a absolutely gorgeous and I’d love a chance to win them and be able to try them.

  54. Hand stitching is meditative and the colors of hand dyed threads speak to the emotions. I so enjoy stitching with your threads the colors can be surprising and add depth and texture to the work.

  55. Thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful threads. I would love to try embroidering with them.

  56. I am so much enjoying your series on embroidery. Will have to look for your book.

    :) LINDA

  57. Those thread colors are gorgeous! I need some inspiration – winter is way too long around here!

  58. Excited to soon receive your beautiful, new book! I’ve enjoyed embroidery since the ‘60s. It’s gained a new following and has evolved into a beautiful, colorful art form. Thank you!

  59. I love to stitch with pearl cotton on wool felt. These would be fun to work with. I hope I win.

  60. I ordered your new book, Joyful Stitching and love it! Especially nice to see that you have signed it.

  61. I love your work. I need to get back to the class I took from you. These threads in the giveaway are yummy. It would be so cool to win them. Thanks for your contributions to stitching

  62. Stitching with pearle cottons has been a favorite thread choice since I learned to make hardanger embroidery at my grandmother’s side when I was a small child. To receive a selection of threads that are hand dyed would be a dream come true.

  63. I’ve never embroideried with pearl cotton thread. It’s sounds like something I would like to try.

  64. I love the look of the pearl cotton threads! I have used floss for all my embroidering but will have to try pearl cotton! Hope I win!

  65. Thanks for all your tips. I always learn something. I would love to win your perle cotton- the colors are yummy. I honestly have never stitched with a 5 weight always 8 and mostly 12. I need to give it a try.

  66. I like using pearl cotton threads. I have some in size 5 and 8 but none of them are variagated like your beautiful thread. Thanks for the giveaway.

  67. I use your other threads and love them – will definitely be trying out Perl cotton. You have the most gorgeous colours!

  68. I have used your threads many times in the past…mainly on my crazy piecing. Also, I use them on trim for grandchildren garments!! Absolutely love them!!!

  69. The wonderful colors. I have quite a bit of your hand dyed threads, but love the pearl cottons you just displayed. I am presently working on a recycled wool purse with stitching accents you taught when in Tulsa.

  70. I would love to win these threads. I enjoy your kits (bought at Paducah) and your “color vision” with your embroidery. I have one more kit to finish of the three I purchased and love them.

  71. I always enjoy reading your blog: it’s a bright spot most days that never fails to inspire!

  72. I just LOVE stitching with the larger floss. I like the 3D quality. I enjoy seeing your designs – so much movement and color!!

  73. Such beautiful colors, and wonderful threads. I have only a small collection of pearl cottons and would love to expand it. I guard my current treasures carefully. Your projects are so inspiring and original; I don’t know how you do it.

  74. I just recently started doing wool embroidery, and love your projects. I would be delighted to win some of your hand dyed thread.

  75. I love learning new stitches, getting inspiration from your site and blog- pearl cotton is my favorite ( threads) for all things wool- appliqué, embroidery, embellishment. Your colors are fabulous. My wool work seems to have been way too dull. Time to become more ( adventurous)

  76. Well, hell, I am addicted to fabric but finally got that under control by filling up every available nook in my studio (and then some). Then your book catches my eye and I start to think about embroidery . . . and now I want every color of embroidery thread ever made! Thank you for adding so much more joy to my life (and I can probably clean out a drawer for the threads . . .

  77. I’ve took a fabulous workshop with you several years ago and still use what I learned. Recently started using your threads and love them. The colors are wonderful.

  78. I generally use embroidery floss, but I would love to begin using perl cotton. Your description of it makes it sound lovely.

  79. What beautiful colors on your hand dyed threads! i would be happy to get the thread guide! thanks for sharing your colorful enthusiasm with the world!

  80. I loved attending your class in Vancouver Washington on doodling. My butterfly turned out so beautiful, both your fabrics on your threads made it all possible. Look forward to reading your new book. If I could post a picture of my butterfly would!

  81. Enjoy always seeing your work, Laura. Liked the suggestion of using an embroidery needle 3 with th pearl cotton 5. Thanks

  82. I have some of your hand-dyed thread from a class I took with you a couple of years ago. It is so beautiful and easy to use. Thanks for your great website and tutorials. I’ve learned a lot.

  83. I have a very proud rooster in my kitchen from one of your kits that I just love. I can’t wait to make another one and your beautiful threads would be such a treat.

  84. Love your quilt designs, your stitching, your fabrics and threads, your books, and your Craftsy classes. They all make me smile!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us.

  85. I’ve always used floss, but I can see that pearl cotton would add a lot to texture and dimension. I’ll try it!

  86. I am new to perle cotton and would love to win some to add some texture to my stitching. Thanks Laura!

  87. Just pulled out a “ufo”…goal of the year is to finish what I start…and am couching a leaf with #3 oranges, one of your luscious hand-dyed threads. Who wouldn’t love to have such a generous giveaway to play with?

  88. Your hand embroidery is amazing! I used your hand dyed #5 variegated threads to big stitch my Blue Jean Butterfly quilt which will be at QuiltCon 2018 next month. I would love to win more of your threads.

  89. I’ve purchased threads and fabrics from you before and love it all. Your fabrics are in a couch quilt I have on display in my main living room so I have seen it everyday since 2014. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. I have not used pearl cotton in a long time , but now that I have started art quilting it might be something that would add to the quilts.

  91. I loved the class I took from Laura at the Quilt Fest in Tennessee in 2016. I have been using hand-dyed fabric in some of my projects and love the hand-dye embroidery threads by Laura. I just discovered this blog and plan to order the Joyful Stitches book. Wool applique using Laura’s methods Rocks!

  92. I enjoy working with the pearl cotton threads. They really stand out on the fabric or felt and show off your stitches.

  93. I would dearly love to add to my stash of your threads. I received Joyful Stitching the other day and can’t wait to get started. I am in awe of your and Sue Spargo’s creativity. Keep it coming!

  94. Iron Maiden!
    Love your threads, fabrics, kits & classes. Now would be a good time for a class in Florida. Come on down!

  95. I have just begun renewing my interest in embroidery, and I love what I’m seeing! Thank you offering this giveaway!

  96. Like everyone else I would love to win these threads! I’ve just ordered threads to stitch along on the posted wool project and am really anticipating starting. Would you consider coming to Vermont for the Vermont Quilt Festival which takes place every year in June? I would love to take a class with you and know others who would enjoy it too!

  97. Wow, Laura! Such an awesome giveaway! The threads are sooo gorgeous. I have been itching to get back to my handstiching beginnings and perhaps winning this fabulous giveaway is just the impetus I need to start handstitching with wool and perle cotton. I have my fingers crossed that I will be the lucky winner! Thanks for the opportunity. Got my fingers crossed. ????

  98. I love all your examples that you provide. You make it look so easy!!

    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  99. Laura…Thank you for your wonderful, fun seminar last week. I had a great time and am already getting compliments on the quilt I started making in your class. I am sending friends to your website so they too can enjoy all of your beautiful work.

  100. thank you for sharing your stitching in your book! I love it! And I’d love these threads, thanks for the giveaway.

  101. I love all of your patterns. I have just began to work with wool and I love doing it. I have been quilting for 40 years and need to try some new things.

  102. I really like to embellish my art pieces. This would be a wonderful addition to my materials!

  103. I have used your threads on wool and love them. Size 5 is my favorite. Your colors are luscious.

  104. I just started doing embroidery and finding an abundance of inspiration from your blog. I hope I win these beautiful threads so I can continue on this journey. Thanks for the opportunity:)

  105. I love your threads. So much brighter colors than a leading brand of overdyed threads. Glad I can use them in many Needlepoint projects.

  106. I have a box of fine crochet thread in various sizes (5, 10, 20) that I think I need to use for embroidery since there isn’t enough left of any of it to crochet much of anything. I lost all of my embroidery floss in a move and I haven’t been able to replace very much of it. Now I know I can continue to practice my needlework without buying anything new! Score!

  107. Such wonderful rich coloration in those threads. I have not done embroidery for awhile and need to take it up again! Thanks for giveaway.

  108. hi laura yesterday i was able to thread a needle and hand-sew a few inches. can’t make any french knots but i’m working on this challenge. i love pearl cotton thread because of it’s braided appearance. cheers lynne sward

  109. I love your blog and your projects, I have pearl cotton thread sitting here and have never had the chance to use it. I can’t wait. ????

  110. I love the tips you give; they are always cheerful, like Lazy Daisy having an AKA name… it adds adventure to our journey! Thanks for the chance to win (& yes spring will sprung :>) !

  111. Hello Laura, For quite a few years now I have been receiving your helpful hints and blogs. But Now I need your help. I am about to start stitching onto the foundation of my crazy quilt which is made up of silk fabrics, brocaides, silk velvets and velvets. I am unsure of what threads I should be using. I brought a wide variety but really hope you might have a moment to direct me in the right direction.

    You do have some beautiful threads so if you do guide me I will purchase some more threads from what you have suggested. Julie.

  112. I do love the way pearl cotton sits on top of the fabric rather than sinking in. I am just finishing up a quilt with quiet colors and can’t wait to start on a crazy quilt with brighter tones. Your threads would be perfect! Thank you for providing a chance to win some of you beautiful threads!

  113. You always put together such beautiful colors together and your threads are just lovely to stitch with!

  114. Pearl cotton is a lovely thread, as you say, and many of the more complex stitches are easier in pearl cotton than stranded because it has a bit more life in it..

  115. I love the whimsy in all your projects! They make me smile. The hand dyed threads are beautiful. I would love the opportunity to use them in a project. Thank you for the offering.

  116. I have used pearl cotton for needlepoint. I love the look of it on your work. I’d love to win this bundle!

  117. 2018’s start is a great time for me to start wool stitchery. I have a small stash of wool and threads and am ready to begin. I love your colors and designs.

  118. The colors of your embroidery threads are so luscious, I want to start a new project right away. My favorite kind of stitchery is crazy quilting where the embroidery is the focus of the project. Your variegated threads work very well for me.

  119. I took a class with you, Laura, at the AQS show in Des Moines a couple years ago. Looking at your website gives me new inspiration to finish my “Tiny Houses” project.

  120. I am just returning to hand stitching and trying to develop my skills – and my stash. I love these colours and would be thrilled to add them to my collection. Thanks for the chance.

  121. Your embroidery is lovely. I am going to try embroidering with pearl cotton on my next project.

  122. My modest stash of your hand dyed pearl cottons are in the most treasured box of embellishments and threads. Love them!

  123. Just received Joyful Stitching, and of course I want to spend the next few weeks only stitching from it. Nice job. Creating texture with threads is delightful, and using heavier threads in wool and felt allows for color movement that’s quite elegant. Thanks for your funky work that is so inspiring!

  124. Just ordered Joyful Stitching and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’ve been enjoying your techniques since the class I took from you at PIQF. Love your creativity.

  125. These colors are so rich and beautiful.I can only imagine how much time it must have taken Laura to find just the right colors!

  126. I love your stitching and talent! These threads are beautiful and would make any project shine. My fingers are crossed ;-D

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  127. I love your fabric, threads, and patterns. And thank you for all your tips and instructions you share. I know that I’m not the only one who wishes you lived next door so I could run over for help whenever I got stuck or had a question.

  128. I love love the colors of your threads. Iwould really like to win this giveaway. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  129. I love this, so beautiful and colorful threads! I’m fairly new and learning and your site gives me so much inspiration and the confidence to try even if I screw up! Thanks for a chance to win!

  130. You are so right about the “bonus” of texture that the pearl cotton provides, Laura! In addition to the colors, it really makes the stitched designs eye catching. Lovely tool to have in the stitching toolbox!

  131. Laura, thank you for the tutorial on how to get here to respond. I just got your book and love the whimsy of it. I want to do your tutorial of stitches with self drawn picture. It is amazing how much difference hand embroidery makes and it doesn’t have to be difficult! Thank you again for your help. Jane

  132. Swoon! I love the Folk Art Garden project and I love this pearl cotton! Thanks so much for the beautiful eye candy and the generous giveaway!

  133. I just found your blog through C&T Publishing. I’m very new at embroidery and love your projects and the colors are amazing. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be following along. grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  134. Thanks for the blog post about perl cotton. I have used it inside piping for fancy quilt binding before but haven’t actually done any handwork with it. I think I will try it now that you’ve shown how pretty it is.

  135. I make greeting cards for my little grandchildren using embroidery threads. Hope i can win!

  136. Love your work and really enjoyed your program when you visited us in Florida last week.

    Carol B

  137. Love the colors of that thread as well as the bright, happy folk art vibe. Thanks for all you do to inspire and teach.

  138. You are such an inspiration and your skills remind me of my beloved late mother. You make me want to put in the time and classes and practice and make things as beautiful as the two of you! Thank you.

  139. Stunning! Tried some of your threads, I bought them when I took a class with you in Wisconsin. Love them.

  140. I enjoy all the information you provide, as well as, all your creative inspiration and colorful threads! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  141. I think that you have given me a sense of courage to begin a silk piece of work; can you feel my hands shaking? I’ve wanted to begin a small silk piece for so long but have been & still am afraid of the perceived holes the needles & thread will make.

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